Evidence of a Liaison, A lost (Elf) Memory

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This is a spuffy fic no matter how it may seem at first, though Buffy wonder of wonders has this strange idea of normal and Riley Finn in the beginning.

Betaed by Niamah

And Written By Red Wulfe I own nothing and am making no profits. If I were it would be bad, because this fic is of the suck

Evidence of a Liaison, A lost (Elf) Memory

The light of the full moon shined brightly through the small stand of trees. It was a beautiful night, even if the view was from the verge of a graveyard. An ethereal woman, with her large almond shaped green eyes and her knee length red hair with golden streaks, stood beneath the small copse of trees. She was beyond earthly beauty appearing almost Angelic. At just over five feet in height, she still towered over the boy-child with her. He was small by human standards with white and golden hair. The young lad was listening to her intently.

“Gwyrth?” The woman said in a very melodious voice. “He is not to know your true parentage until he figures it out for himself.”

The young lad’s expression was mutinous until the woman clucked at him. As he looked up she smiled apologetically. “You know the rules for this, nephew.”

“Yes, Auntie Helwyr.” The boy replied. “But he is my only male family.”

“I understand, but in this you must not waver. Your father must not know that he is your father until he figures it out. If he is half the man I think he is, it won’t take him long.”

The boy shuffled his feet and looked out over the graveyard sadly. “I just wish…”

“I know child, I loved your mother as well, but the humans who did it are dead as are their families.”

“Hate humans.” The boy said morosely.

“You can’t blame all for what only a few have done.” The woman replied, ruffling his hair then pointing out over the graveyard. “And there, just as we predicted, is your father.”


William the Bloody was running — not something he liked to do — from a band of human soldiers. They were the same group who had originally captured and made him unable to defend himself. He prayed to every unholy, and truth be told most holy, deities he could think of, but nothing seemed to be helping. They had him cornered and would soon bring him down. However, he didn’t intend to go down easily, pain or not, he intended to take a few of those soldiers with him

Even as he turned, the first arrow shot by him. He recognized the arrows’ origin on sight. They were of Elfin-make, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight of them. Elves he couldn’t fight, at least not in the numbers that there seemed to be, judging by the number of arrows. There was one good thing. He knew the soldiers wouldn’t survive either.

Surprisingly, none even come close to him, but worse luck? They weren’t killing arrows they were the magical stun arrows that Elves used on occasion. The damned humans would live.

When the last human fell, Spike gave out an inhuman growl, all of that blood gone to waste, and he couldn’t even sample it. Turning, he saw the elves standing along the tree line, twelve adults and a small elfin boy. No idea came to him as to what they could be doing, but all save the boy were unstringing their bows and picking up bundles and walking towards him; a stunning red-headed elfin woman in the lead.

Stunning barely described her., Cascading red and gold locks were bound up on her head, little wisps of hair falling free to accentuate her a triangular face and too-large green eyes. Spike let his eyes trail downward to her rather nice breasts. On a human female he would be sure they were the product of a rather well talented surgeon. Her white blouse was see-through sheer enough to be tissue paper, openly displaying her breasts. Downward his yes roved over her sculpted, tanned stomach and down to her wide hips. The woman was exactly that — all woman — regardless to race or status

“Ahem.” She cleared her throat, drawing his attention and as he glanced back up, it was obvious she was highly amused. Then it hit him, the Allure, the greatest advantage female elves had over any humans, male or female, the sexual allure that they always seemed to radiate, and he being a vampire was no help at all.

“Sorry,” she said, smirking at him. “We are here on Royal business.”

Then she dropped to her knees, which really didn’t help the tightness in his trousers, and pulled a large chest out and set it before him.

“I, Helwyr, Princess of the Royal Clan of Agrunal, do beg a favor of thee, William of House Aurelias.” On her knees, she held out her hands in supplication, offering a formal greeting. Spike contemplated what exact favors he might want from her.

“I bring thee Jewels long hidden from mortal eyes, as a gift in exchange for your promise to train my nephew, Gwyrth, in the arts of warfare.” She stood and the next elf took her place.

“I, Daisana, of the Royal Clan do beg thy favor, for the of training of our Prince, young Gwyrth, in the art of Warfare.” The second Elfin woman, nowhere near as buxom as the first, yet still stunning asked, as she sat down a second chest of jewels diamonds like the first.

The other ten stepped forward, one by one, offering the slack-jawed vampire more and more treasure. Each was as a stunning women as the other, each had valuable merchandise. The last gift was a trunk packed full of hundred dollar bills. Finally, the boy himself stepped forward and with a murderous expression, dropped to one knee. From beneath the long white and gold hair falling over his angular cheekbones, and covering his eyes, he looked up at Spike. “I, Gwyrth, Prince of the House Royal, Blooded Son of the Mighty Clan Agrunal, do beg of thee to train me as a warrior, sir.”

Spike was beginning to be able to reason through the Allure and what he was seeing didn’t add up. True, the Elven Clans often did have their young trained outside of the clan by warriors of great skill; and true, ee did have that reputation, yet it had only been a dozen years at the most that this self same clan had magicked he and Dru up and shipped them off to their island. Merely because Dru had been chasing fairies, while one of the Royal Princesses had been chasing a father for her next child. Now, here in Sunnydale they were buying his services? Something was off, severely off. Still, he could use the money.

“An’ exactly why do I deserve this honor?” He asked, knowing they would lie, but needing time to get his head straight.

“You have bested two slayers on the field of battle and more lower-ranking opponents than any care to mention.” The first Elven woman said, smiling at him seductively.

That was it, just that last step to far. Spike growled as he continued thinking, his mind moving clearer and faster, now that his anger had over ridden the Allure. Elves were a tricky lot. He knew that. He also knew he needed help. Of course, the only one that might tell him what he needed to know was also the one that would just as likely withhold it. His mind ran through various scenarios even as he fought to stay out of game face. His cock however, traitorous bastard that it was . . . stayed hard enough to cut diamonds.

A plan began to form in his mind as he watched the witchy Elven bitch lean slightly back with her hands on her hips thrusting her best features out at him. He growled slightly at the outright grin on her face, before saying, “The boy and I are going to need a house to live in. One with a big basement and at least one extra large room upstairs to train in, no closed down businesses, no empty warehouse, a house, a damned nice one and furnished.”

He looked around at the other Elven women and they were all showing off their best assets, one was even facing the other way, bent over tying her shoes, or pretending too. These were the kind of women he hated, he told himself, the kind that used sex as a lure to get men to do anything they wanted them too. He looked back at their leader and a slow grin formed on his face, “And YOU.” He told her. “You are staying to play mother to the boy. I doubt he is the whiny, needs mum type, but he is still young enough that it is best that he has some family around.”

“We already have a place set up to your specifications on Cedar Cliff road, my Lord Spike.” Helwyr said to him, playing with nonexistent lint on her blouse. “And of course, we all intended to stay until Gwyrth had settled in properly.”

Spike let out a noise that was half-way between a growl and a groan as he told her,”Then find some way to tone it bloody down!”

Helwyr snapped her fingers as she smirked at him and the Allure was gone. The painful hardness in his pants receded some, not all of it, because there were still twelve half-naked beautiful women in front of him, but now there was no magical stimulation.

“Where is this place?” He asked under his breath wondering if the chip worked on elves.

The red-head turned and bent at the waist to pick up the chest of diamonds, giving him a splendid view of her arse. She looked back over her shoulder and winked at him before saying, “Follow me… Master…Spike.”

As they moved out Spike heard words come out of his mouth that he never thought to hear from himself. Put some bloody clothes on.”


Less than ten minutes later same cemetery

Buffy, Xander and Willow were surprised to see the group of masked soldiers laying around Restfield. The three Scoobies checked all eighteen for a pulse before dragging them all together and waiting for them to wake up.

“Ohhhhhh…” Came the first high-pitched, girly moan.

“You know I have heard of BDSM,” Xander began, as he ate his Cheetos. “But I didn’t know it could be played in cemeteries…”

“It’s not what you think,” One soldier said, as he got to his feet.

“You guys aren’t BDSMing in the cemetery?” Willow asked cheerfully.

“Or — ” Buffy began twirling a stake. , With a slight smile, and a dead pan voice, she quipped, “ were you attacked by aliens, dressed in bondage gear and left in a cemetery?”

Buffy fought back a laugh as the soldier in charge, obviously Riley, glared at her. She returned it with a sweet and innocent one. “You guys all right?”

“Ma’am,” Riley began,“you and your friends need to move along now. This is a government sponsored…”

“Bondage soiree?” Buffy said, cutting him off still playing dumb.

“You mean the Government sponsors those kinds of things?” Xander asked, not even trying to hide his amusement. “They waste our tax dollars on kinky stuff

A second soldier grabbed Riley and dragged drug him away as the Scoobies snickered under their breaths.

“Now that,” Xander informed his friends. “That was fun.”

“Riley is going to be pissed tomorrow,” Buffy said still smiling.

“Do we have any real idea why they were all passed out here?” Willow asked, looking around hoping nothing was going to jump out at her.

“I doubt we will ever know.” Buffy replied as she led the gang out of Restfield.



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