Where’s the Doctor? – Chapter Two

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Title: Where’s the Doctor?
Rating: PG at most
Pairing: Spike/Buffy

Summary: Some time ago, I wrote a short fic called Who’s the Doctor?. It was an AU version of “As You Were” that involved some characters from the recent seasons of Doctor Who. I’m having problems categorizing the current fic, because it’s a prequel from the Doctor’s point of view and a sequel from Buffy and Spike’s. As far as BTVS is concerned, it’s during or after an AU Season 6 where Spuffy is a happy reality and all the characters get along, more or less. In the Whoverse, it takes place during Tom Baker’s reign, when he was traveling with Leela.

Chapter One is here.

Chapter 2

“I’m here,” the Doctor sang out.

But Leela didn’t open the door any wider. “This one moves like a warrior and he is angry. Perhaps you shouldn’t talk to him.”

“Oh, I’ll talk to anyone.” The Doctor swept past her, throwing the door wide and allowing the visitor to enter. “Have we met?”

The blond man stepped inside, blinking at the console, but not looking surprised to find himself in such a large space. “Not you.” He waved, unfazed by the astonishing size and toothiness of the man he faced. “I want the Doctor.”

“My dear chap, I am the Doctor.” His smile didn’t fade.

Their visitor was unconvinced. “Bollocks. The Doctor I want travels in a box like this, although either this is a different one or he’s redecorated to go retro. And he owes me a thousand quid.”

“A thousand? Really?” The Doctor scratched his head and looked thoughtful. “And he doesn’t look like me?”

“No, he’s a skinny git with glasses and hair that sticks up. Travels with a pretty doctor named Martha and a prettier boy named Jack.”

The Doctor shook his head. “I can’t say I recall that. This Doctor of yours was handsome, I hope?”

“I can’t say I fancied him particularly, although Martha was a peach and…Never mind that!” He glanced at Leela. “Although you meet the Doctor’s standards for companions and then some, pet.”

“I am not a pet!” Leela stood, feet apart, knife in hand.

“No, on second glance, you don’t look domesticated, love.” He turned back to the Doctor. “If the Doctor isn’t here…”

Leela was quite relieved when the pointless argument was interrupted by the arrival of a small blonde person in boots, a tiny skirt, and a scrap of clothing that covered some of her chest but left her back bare.

The girl stomped inside. “Spike, are you in here? Uh…” She looked around. “Why is this place so big?” She darted outside and her footsteps were heard running around the TARDIS.

“Who is that?” asked the Doctor.

Leela had only needed a glance to reach a conclusion. “That is another warrior, although she is very strangely dressed.”

“Speak for yourself, Xena.” The girl stomped back in, looking around, but accepting the relative sizes of the TARDIS without more discussion. “Where’s the Doctor?”

The Doctor sighed. “Please, don’t let’s start that again.”

“Says he is the Doctor,” said the man she called Spike. “Must be two of them using the same moniker.”

“Moniker? The girl peered up at the Doctor. “But the other one just wore regular glasses and this one doesn’t wear any.”

Spike grinned. “Not monocle, love, moniker.”

The girl waved an impatient hand. “Never mind. Spike, I need you. Someone’s trashed my house.”

He started forward. “The Little Bit?”

“She’s fine. I called the Wests and told Dawn to stay put there until I said she could come home.”

Leela thought she’d stumbled on a clue. “Are you able to control time as well?”

“What?” The girl blinked at her.

“You said that you can keep Dawn from arriving in the East by holding it in the West.”

“I said…Dawn is my sister and the Wests are her friends.” The girl turned to Spike. “What is she? A robot or an ex-vengeance demon? She talks like one.”

“I am a warrior of the Sevateem!” Leela announced. “I am neither a robot nor a demon.”

“O-kay.” The girl pronounced both syllables emphatically. “But I haven’t got time to hang around this little clown car and see how much weirdness pours out of it. Whatever went through my house was looking for something, and I don’t think they found it. I’m going to the Magic Box to see if they’re searching that too, and if I’m fast enough, maybe I can catch them. Come on, Spike.”

She turned on her heel and Spike followed her as if pulled on a string.


Chapter Three

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