Wallpapers, banners and icons

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It’s my posting day! yay! And I have spuffy wallpapers, banners and icons to share. Hope you guys enjoy them :) They are totally snaggable if you like (just download them to your computer, don’t hotlink). I’ve been doing icons for a while now, but banners?… well, I just made the one for my own journal, wallpapers are a first try for me, so it would be lovely to have some feedback.

Thanks to wonderful debris4spike , who told me about this community and to enigmaticblues , who squizzed me in on this round. Love you guys!

Screencaps: Screencaps Paradise
Photoshop brushes: Garcya Web Design Blog
Colouring and other special effects: Mine
Size: wallpapers 1200×800 px, banners 1200×180 px, icons 100×100 px

Set 1: In your arms



123057_original 122645_original 122575_original

Set 2: No more obstacles



123374_original 123427_original 123763_original

Set 3: You’re the one



124423_original 123995_original 124181_original

Edit: If you want something personalized, just ask, it won’t be a problem for me to do it for you :)


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/295365.html