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My posting day!
Inspired by the sonnets of Francesco Petrarca to his beloved Laura, specifically in sonnet 292 from The Canzoniere (If you’ve never read any, you should, they are wonderful, so sad but so beautiful too. And they feel like Spuffy!)
I leave you a wallpaper: 1200×800 px, and matching icons


Screencaps: Screencap Paradise
Colouring and effects: mine
Snagging: Sure! (just remember to credit)
Please DO NOT hotlink
Comments are always welcome
Hope you enjoy! :D

larabeckinsale - Spuffy The Canzoniere wallpaper

1.407885_original   2.408166_original   3.408754_original   4.408472_original

Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/317466.html