Under the Influence – For Her

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Title: For Her
Creator: comlodge
Characters: Spike/Buffy
Medium: Artwork – Icons, Banner, Wallpaper
Rating: G
Prompt: Round 21 Under the Influence
Disclaimer: All belong to their orginal owners
A/N: As soon as I read the theme for this round I knew what I would do. I did however get All Saints Day and All Souls Day confused and had found this wonderful image through google to use because I thought I was doing All Souls Day – silly girl! I liked it too much not to use it, placing Buffy’s eyes bright and clear within it. If Joan of Arc is considered a saint I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is most certainly a warrior saint and Spike is her chivalric Knight Errant and for her he changed his world.

Some Icons

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comlodge - For Her (Buffy/Spike)

Please click the image for the Wallpaper size.

Just the one for now I’m afraid. RL has been busy and I’m off for a long weekend away. Yeah!