Two Banners for Mortal Allies Series, Episode 2: Spike’s a Good Boi

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Title: Mortal Allies Series, Episode 2: Spike’s a Good Boi
Author of coming Fic: Passion4Spike
Creators of banners: Paganbaby and Holi117
Rating: PG (language)
Era/season/setting: Season 3, Band Candy and the days following
Warning: Spike and Dru are still a couple in this story, but Spike and Buffy are working together, getting to know each other, for the majority of the fic.

Note: These banners were created for me for the story I’ll be posting on my posting day for this round of Seasonal Spuffy. It’s a continuation of the Mortal Allies Series which was my entry in the EF 12 Year Challenge. I wanted to take a bit of time today and try posting on LJ (my first time on SS) and also wanted to highlight the lovely artists who made these banners for me. They rock! Can’t thank either of them enough. 


Banner by Paganbaby:

Banner by Holi117:


End notes: Please let me know if I did anything ‘wrong’ in this posting so I can fix it before my ‘real’ post of the roadtrip part of the fic. If you want to read the first Episode in this series (it’s just one chapter), you can find it here on EF: Mortal Allies Series, Episode 1: Not Monster Enough


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