Turnabout is Fair Play

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Its my posting day. Here is the first of two fics I have for you today. Enjoy!

Author: Avoidingnemo
Rating: R to be on the safe side
Wordcount: 1197
Beta: Thanks to the wonderful brandywine421 for looking this over for me.
Setting: No specific epi in mind, but sometime in season 6. AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything related to Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the show and its characters) is property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I’m not making any money from this and no copyright infringment is intended.

A/N 1: A huge thank you to enigmaticblues for all her hard work on this awesome community.

A/N 2: I only have a handful (if that) of Buffy fics under my belt so be gentle, please. 

Its late afternoon when Spike hears the door to his crypt bang open. Spike’s pouring cat food in a bowl for the cat he won in kitten poker the night before and doesn’t bother to turn around and see who it is. He already knows. If his vampire senses hadn’t already given him a warning, the simple fact that the Slayer believes she’s too good to knock and therefore entitled to barge in his place whenever she feels like it would have clued him in.

Once he’s done getting his new roommate settled, he turns around. He sees Buffy and Dawn staring at him. Buffy’s standing there in an outfit that she knows he loves, but if the Slayer brought her kid sis with her that can only mean one of two things and neither of those things include taking that outfit off the Slayer. No, either some big evil’s lurking and Dawn needs watching over or Dawn finally whined enough until Buffy caved and brought her to see him. There’s no way Buffy would admit to anyone that she herself wanted to see Spike. The Slayer would rather sneak around behind the backs of those she claims to love and come see him when no one’s looking. He sighs. There’s nothing he can do about how Buffy feels and thinking about it just puts the vampire in a foul mood.

“Slayer. Bit,” Spike says as a way of greeting them both.

“Spike, you have a cat!” Dawn says excitedly.

He rubs the back of his head and looks away. “Yeah.”

“He’s so cute!”

“No, he’s not. He’s evil. Like me,” he defends.

“Yeah, right,” Dawn replies, laughing.

Buffy breaks up the conversation by asking him, “What are you going to do with a cat, Spike?”

Buffy has her arms crossed over her chest and Spike feels his temper rise. What does she think he’s going to do with the cat? If he was going to eat it, it would be dead already. He wouldn’t have gone out and bought, well stole actually, cat food for the bloody thing. What is she, the protector of humans, Christmas, and now fluffy cats alike? And she’s standing there in that red shirt that plays peek-a-boo with her stomach and the black skirt that he can run his hand up. Is this what this little impromptu visit is really about? Torture? Tease the vampire with her kid sis here to make sure nothing happens?

He sighs. No use focusing on the outfit that could just be a coincidence, not with the bit here. Might as well tell her what she wants to know. He’s not interested in a broken nose today. “I’ve seen a rat runnin’ around here. I thought I’d let Lucifer here see if he can catch it.”

“Rats?” Buffy squeaks.

“Oh, don’t tell me the Slayer is scared of a little rat,” he teases.

Buffy straightens up, puts her hands on her hips and looks him in the eye. The stance gives Spike a little peek of her tanned stomach.

“I’m not. It’s just… I was turned into one for a few hours a while back. Nevermind. I don’t like them, that’s all,” she says.

“Some witch put a spell on you?” He shrugs, trying not to show that he’s affected by some little glimpse of skin. “Shame I missed it,” he says as he pulls out a cigarette and lights it.

“Hey!” she exclaims. “Wait, did you say you named your cat Lucifer, as in Satan?”

Buffy sits down in the chair opposite him and puts her bag down beside her. She looks over at Dawn who is playing with Lucifer and not paying the vampire and slayer any attention. She smiles at Spike and bends over to get something out of her bag and allows Spike a nice view down the front of her shirt. Spike realizes Buffy did come over just to torture him. She’s not wearing a bra.

He keeps the conversation flowing so that they don’t attract the unwanted attention of the bit. “Wouldn’t have figured you one for readin’ the good book, pet.”

The slayer obviously can’t carry on two conversations at one time and Spike has to bite back a laugh when she responds with, “Huh?”

“The bible,” he explains.

“Oh.” Buffy pouts. “Hey, I went to Sunday School.”

“Only because Mom made you,” Dawn pipes in. So she has been listening. Spike should’ve known. The bit doesn’t miss much that goes on around her.

Buffy glares at her sister. “That’s not the point.”

“And the point is?” Spike asks.

“You can’t name your cat after Satan. It’s wrong,” Buffy explains.

“What’s the big deal? Satan, or Lucifer as he’s sometimes referred to as, is considered evil. The cat’s evil. He needs an evil name,” Spike offers as his own explanation.

“And Spike was taken?” Buffy asks sarcastically.

“Well, I thought about the name Angel, but I don’t hate the cat,” replies Spike.

Buffy glares. Oh, the slayer’s getting pissed now. Is an actual conversation with the big bad too much for her or is it the remark against her honey?

“Come on, Dawn. Let’s go. Let’s leave Spike here to play with his evil kitty.”

Oh, kitty has claws today. The remark against Angel was obviously taking things too far and Spike was just starting to have fun. He wanted to see what else she had in mind to torture him besides flashing her pretty little titties at him.

“But you said that I could hang out with Spike for a while. You even brought that boring book to do some research from while I did. You promised,” Dawn whines.

“Now, Dawn.”

“Fine,” she huffs.

Dawn bends down and scratches Lucifer behind the ears. Lucifer purrs.

Dawn stands back up and says, “Your cat’s a lot like you, Spike. Not. Evil. At. All.”

“You take that back, Bit,” he warns.

“What are you going to do? Sic your evil kitty on me?” she asks, laughing.

“Let’s go, Dawn,” Buffy says breaking up the conversation once again.

She stands up and smoothes down the black skirt she’s wearing. His eyes track her hands movements. Spike bites his lip to keep a groan from escaping. He knows she’s only wearing some tiny little scrap of fabric under that skirt. Why was she leaving again? Oh, right. He made some remark about her precious poofter and ruined her plan to torture him. And when things aren’t going her way, she runs. He sighs.

Dawn and Buffy are almost out the door when Dawn stops. “Hey, Spike if the cat would’ve been a girl, what would you have named her?” she asks.

Spike’s feeling a little frustrated with the turn of events of the afternoon and the obvious intent of the Slayer to tease him. He can’t help getting a little bit of his own back. He smirks. “Well, the cat’s evil, right? Needs an evil name. So I’m thinkin’… Slayer.”

The look Buffy sends him lets Spike know he’ll pay for that remark. He stares back at her and places his tongue behind his teeth, in a gesture that he knows she loves even if she won’t admit it. Game on, Slayer. Game on. And he can’t wait.

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