The Secret Slayer, Chapter 5

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What’s My Line? Part 1  Spike saves Beth from the Order’s assassin.
NC-17 for language
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Chapter 5

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While Cassie and Giles battled against Ethan and Jenny/Eyghon, Beth had a little get together with Spike, Clem and Jack. The four of them talked and laughed for hours as Beth tried to learn the complicated world of poker. Jack couldn’t play the game much better than Beth, but the four of them had a lot of fun.


Spike glanced between Dalton and Dru. Dalton transcribed the words out of the manuscript stolen from the Watcher with a frown on his face. The words made absolutely no sense, and the minion was a bit scared of Spike’s temper. He didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. Dru laid out her tarot cards on the table with a frown on her face. The cards told her that Daddy was going to come soon, and then leave her again. This made the insane vampiress whimper.

“What’s wrong, poodle?” Spike asked. Dru had become more and more obsessed with Angel as the days passed, and Spike had no idea what to do for his Sire. He sat down in the other chair at the table she was sitting at.

“The cards mock me,” Dru cried. She swept the cards onto the floor, and she gripped her hair in her hands. “The pixies mock me, and Miss Edith mocks me.”

Spike carefully extracted Dru’s hands from her hair. “Tell me what you see, luv. Maybe we can figure it out together.”

“The cards tell me that Daddy will come back, and the town will bleed. Hell shall be on Earth,” Dru moaned, “The pixies tell me that Daddy will come, but leave us again like he did before.”

“What does Miss Edith say?” Spike asked. He kept Dru’s hands firmly grasped in his own.

“Miss Edith says that if I become like Daddy, I can stay with him,” Dru screamed, “I don’t want to be like Daddy. Unhappy forever.”

“Why is your Daddy unhappy forever, luv?”

“The bad gypsies want Daddy to stay unhappy because he ate their little girl,” Dru crooned.

“Maybe he’s unhappy because you aren’t still with him.” Spike cupped Dru’s cheek. “You know how much he loved to play with his favored Childe.”

Dru purred and rubbed her cheek against Spike’s hand. “Red was his favorite color. He loved when I wore my blood on the outside.”

“Ah ha, I think I got it,” Dalton cried, “Deprimere ille bubula linter.”

Spike hopped up from his chair, and he grabbed the nearby Latin dictionary. He hadn’t practiced his Latin in decades, and he was a little rusty. Spike wasn’t uneducated by any means. He read several languages, and he spoke even more. He just wasn’t up to doing any reading at the moment. Besides sitting around reading didn’t go far towards scaring the minions into submission. Spike thumbed through the pages picking out the words as he went. “Debase, the beef, canoe?”

“Oh my. That doesn’t sound right,” Dalton said. He looked back at the page he was studying.

“Ya think?” Spike asked sarcastically. He stood behind Dalton, he gripped the minion’s shoulder tightly, and he studied the book over Dalton’s shoulder. “Well. Come on, now. Enlighten me.

“Well, it looks like Latin, but it’s not. I’m not even sure it’s a language, actually. I’m a transcriber, not a code breaker,” Dalton sputtered, “If anything I would say this manuscript was written in code.”

“Written in code,” Spike growled, “How the hell are we supposed to get Dru’s cure if we can’t read what it is?”

Across the room, Dru picked her tarot cards up off the floor. Her eyes fell on the only card that fell face down. Dru got an uncanny feeling about the card, and she slowly put her hand out to turn it over. On the card was a picture of a crypt.

“Spike, come look,” Dru murmured. She studied the card intently, and then she handed it to Spike when he joined her at the table.

“Is that where we’ll find this key?” Spike asked.

Dru nodded.

“I’ll send the boys, pronto.”


The Specter strolled through the cemetery at a leisurely pace. She scanned the area, but she stopped when she heard a clanging noise coming from a nearby crypt. The Specter noticed a light coming from inside the crypt. So, she went over to it, and she pushed the door open to peek in. Inside, she saw a vampire chipping away at one of the walls to expose a chamber on the other side of it. The Specter could smell Spike on the minion. Interesting. When he reached inside to grab something, the Specter closed the door, and she waited outside for him to emerge. In a few moments she was rewarded when the minion emerged from the crypt.

The Specter growled when another vampire came up behind her. When he grabbed her, she rammed her head backwards into his jaw.

“No, don’t touch her,” Dalton screamed at the other minion, “Master Spike will have your head.”

“I don’t care what ‘Master Spike’ says. This bitch is going down,” the minion screamed back at Dalton. His speech was interrupted when the Specter flung him over her front, and he landed on the ground with a sickening crunch. The minion turned into dust before he had to chance to rise up off the ground.

The Specter looked up from her position to see Dalton leaving the cemetery. She glanced up at the sky, and she realized if she didn’t get a move on it she was going to be late for her skate date with Spike. When the vampire found out she had at one time been an aspiring skater, he promised to break them into the local ice skating rink.


“It hums. I can hear it,” Dru waved her hand over the cross that Spike was holding on a red velvet pillow.

“This is it then?” Spike asked, “Couldn’t they come up with somethin’ a little bit less lethal to vamps?”

One of the minions crashed into the factory. He was the one that Spike had sent down to the local demon bar to dig up information. He collapsed on the floor, and he gasped out, “Order of Taraka.”

“What about the Order of Taraka?” Spike growled. He handed the pillow and cross to Dalton, who took the items carefully.

“Someone hired them,” the minion continued gasp, “An ancient vampire wants to take over the Hellmouth. He’s sent the Order to take us, the Slayer’s group, and the Specter out, by any means necessary.”

“Just fucking great,” Spike spit out, “How am I supposed to find your cure with all these damned distractions?” Spike raked his hand through his hair. “Shit, I’m supposed to meet Beth at the rink.”

“You best go meet your Moonlight, my Spike.” Dru dealt herself some tarot cards, and she tapped them. “She is in double danger if you don’t go. They’re coming to my party. All three of them, and blood will run deep if we aren’t careful.”

“Bloody Hell. It’s bad enough there’s three of us rulin’ the Hellmouth. We have to have someone horn in on us?” Spike let out an exasperated sigh. “Dalton, you get with the decipherin’. The rest of you protect Dru with your undead lives. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Spike grabbed the three tarot cards from the table, ignoring Dru’s complaint.

Spike drove to the skating rink that was past route 17. He had discovered it was always closed on Tuesdays. Spike figured this was the perfect opportunity to take Beth skating without a bunch of people bugging the two of them.

Beth skated gracefully around the rink as she practiced spins and turns she hadn’t performed in several years. She was so intent on what she was doing that she failed to notice a panel on the stage being moved. Beth tried to do a crouching maneuver, but she fell to the ice and slid backwards to the edge of the stage. As she started to get up, the one-eyed bounty hunter from the Order reached down, and he put his arm around her neck.

The bounty hunter only knew that this girl was a friend of the Spike’s, the creature he had his hit on. He had no idea she was anything besides a young girl that the vampire had taken an interest in before he fed on her. The hunter was surprised by the strength in the girl’s grip as she tried to wrestle his arm off her neck. He tightened his grip on the girl’s neck, and after a few minutes she passed out. Or, so he thought!

Spike dashed across the ice in full game face. He knew Beth had seen him enter the building, and he chuckled at her cleverness when she played dead on the bounty hunter. Spike growled loudly, and the sound echoed off the walls of the empty rink.

The bounty hunter’s head came up when he heard the growling. He was a bit surprised to see his mark coming towards him, but he quickly recovered. What he didn’t recover from was the girl under his hands waking up and slamming the back of her head into his nose. Her skate clad foot stomped down on his foot. The hunter howled in pain as he was dually attacked by both Beth and Spike.

Spike tackled the bounty hunter away from Beth. The hunter and Spike tumbled away from the girl, and they rolled several times. Spike sprang to his feet, and he lifted the man to his feet so he could punch him in the face. The unfazed hunter slammed both of his fists into Spike’s chest. Spike flew into the wall behind him.

When Beth saw Spike hit the wall, she was pissed off. She skated towards the bounty hunter, and she launched herself at him feet first. Beth was pleased with the howl of pain that came from the hunter. Both her sharp-bladed skates ripped through his flesh. The momentum of her kick pushed the bounty hunter towards Spike, and Beth fell to the ice.

Spike grabbed the bounty hunter. He pushed the man into the railing at the edge of the ice. The hit crushed the man’s throat, and after a few gasps of air and some gurgles the man fell to the ground dead. Spike reached down to pull a ring off of the man’s finger, and then he rushed to Beth’s side. He checked the girl over carefully to make sure she hadn’t been hurt in anyway.

“Pet, I was so worried,” Spike muttered. He helped Beth to her feet. “One of the minions showed up and said we’re all in danger.” His hands skimmed over her body checking for injuries.

“Are you okay?” Beth asked. She saw a small wound on Spike’s face under his eye, and she wiped the cut clean with her finger. Beth stared at the blood on her finger before she put it in her mouth to suck her finger clean. She moaned at the taste. When she looked up into Spike’s eyes she was transfixed by the desire she saw in them.

Spike’s mind emptied as he watched Beth suck his blood off her finger, and his cock hardened in his pants. He gently pressed his lips to hers. Spike felt her lips soften beneath his, and her mouth opened slightly. He quickly outlined her mouth with his tongue as he waited for her to invite him in.

Beth’s hands crept up Spike’s chest and over his shoulders. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and she let her tongue rub against him. In an instant the kiss changed from gentle to passionate. He began to plunder her mouth with his. When their tongues began to caress each other, Beth felt her knees weaken, and she sagged against Spike.

“Beth, honey,” Spike whispered in a dazed voice.

“Yeah,” Beth answered, equally as dazed.

“We can’t stay here,” Spike said, “We gotta go warn the Slayer.” He chuckled as Beth tried to understand what he had just said while in her lust filled state. “This guy is from a society of deadly assassins that are out to kill everyone that stands in the way of his ruling the Hellmouth.”

“Yeah. Warn the Slayer,” Beth mumbled, “Gotcha. Skates off then.” Beth hobbled to the side of the rink. She allowed Spike to help her change into her street shoes.

The pair were so caught up in each other that they failed to notice they had an audience. She was a young girl of unknown descent. Her features could have come from any of a number of places in the world. She watched the pair, the male in game face, fight off the attacker and then kiss. She was startled when the male mentioned warning the Slayer about something. She was the Slayer. What was this vampire talking about? She decided to tail the couple.

The new Slayer followed the vampires at a discreet distance. They seemed to talk about nothing special, and neither one made any attempt to kill any humans. This struck the new Slayer as odd since she had always been told that vampires had no control over their bloodlust. She was surprised when the pair snuck in a secret tunnel behind the high school. The Slayer followed the pair in to the tunnel, and she was surprised when she found herself in the back of the high school library.

“Oi, Slayer,” Spike called out. He didn’t want to startle the occupants of the room.

“What are you doing here, Spike?” Cassie asked. She hopped up out of her chair when she saw the vampire enter the library. Her nerves calmed a bit when she saw Beth standing behind Spike.

“Order of Taraka is after all of us.” Spike threw a ring on the table in front of the Scoobies. “One of my minions heard that an old vamp wants the Hellmouth. He’s sent assassins after all of us and the Specter, too. Killed the one attackin’ Beth tonight.”

“You warned us because?” Giles asked. He stared at the young girl behind Spike when the vampire turned to take her hand and lead her into the light.

“This is Beth, Watcher,” Spike announced. He saw Giles’ mouth open to say something as soon as Spike introduced his companion. “Now don’t go gettin’ any ideas there. She knows exactly who and what I am. And she likes me anyway.”

“She knows you’re a vamp?” Xander asked. He couldn’t believe a nice, young girl would have anything to do with Spike.

“Yes, I know he’s a vamp,” Buffy finally piped up. She was intimidated to be in the room with Cassie, but the living Slayer didn’t even give her a second look. “He’s very nice to me.” Beth smiled shyly up at Spike.

“Now about this Order. My Sire’s a seer, and she said there’s gonna be three of ’em.” Spike pulled the three cards from his duster pocket. He tossed them on the table beside the ring. “My man was one-eyed. So it’s safe to say the Cyclops card was him. So we’re looking for a centipede and a panther. Might not be literal though. Who the hell knows.”

“The centipede guy was literal, that’s for sure,” Cordelia shuddered. “Xander and I ran into him at Giles’s apartment today. Can I just say ewww and add an ick to that one?”

“Well, my work here is done,” Spike announced, “Time to get Beth home and make sure her place has the all clear.”

The Scoobies watched the vampire and his girl leave the library through the swinging doors. They each wondered what the heck the odd pair saw in each other. They seemed like a comparison of opposites.

The new Slayer stepped out of the darkness, “Wot be goin’ on? She can’t be de Slayer. I am de Vampire Slayer.”

“What?” Everyone’s response was the same.

“I am Kendra de Vampire Slayer.” Kendra stood tall and proud with her arms crossed over her chest.


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