The Divine Comedy: A Series of Drabbles pt 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series The Divine Comedy
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There are people standing on the sidewalk. He doesn’t see them. Not since he’s seen her.

She’s beautiful, as always. Her blonde hair gleams in the glow of the streetlights. Her body is lean, muscled, more honed than ever if her arms are an indication. Her face.

She’s been hurt, by the look in her eyes. She’s hurt now, seeing him. Realizing.

He can’t look in her eyes. He’s afraid of what else he’ll see. The recrimination. The hate? Does she hate him?

Not contacting her made so much sense. Until now.

He’s expecting a slap. A punch.

Not this.


She was sure Faith was lying when she’d said she’d seen him. Lying, or mistaken.

But it’s true. He’s standing right in front of her, looking just like he did the last time she’d seen him. The time she’d lost him. The time he hadn’t believed.

He’s beautiful.

She grieved for him. She threw herself into her work. She moved on.

She has a million questions. Where has he been? Why didn’t he tell her? Does he hate her now, for leaving him?

The hell with questions.

She throws herself into his arms and holds him tight.

Never letting go.


His body is as cool as she remembered. Hers is burning.

This is the dance they could never quite get in rhythm. Now they’re in perfect synchronization.

For the first time, they’re together. Two becoming one.

They can’t get enough. That was true before.

They can’t get enough… of each other.

She always took. Now she gives. He takes everything she offers and returns it.

They explore every inch, every centimeter, every atom.

Every smell. Every taste.

They whisper words like ‘love’ and ‘darling’ and ‘never leave me again.’

When they finally sleep, they sleep wrapped in each others’ arms.


She’s glad to see her sister happy. She never thought it would be with Spike, what with him being a vampire and dead and all.

It will never be like it was when she was a kid and he was her babysitter. Too much has happened, but things are good.

She likes to come over and watch old movies with them. It’s fun, because Buffy gets all weepy at the sad parts and Spike remembers them from when they were new.

She really likes it when they fall asleep on each others’ shoulders. She never thought she’d call them ‘cute.’


People really don’t blink anymore when they see an older woman with a younger man. What makes them take a second look is how attractive they are, and how right they look together.

If people saw them working together, they would really understand.

They know each other so well, every step, that the big bads never stand a chance.

Until the day a bigger, badder bad takes them both out. Leaves her body covered with ash.

If people could see beyond this reality, they would see two bright souls dance together as they rise, going where no one can follow.


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