Taking Initiative

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Title: Taking Initiative

Author: Torrilin

Pairings: Buffy&Spike (friendship, not romance so far)

Timeline: BtVS season 4

Rating: PG-13 (in case I missed Spike mouthing off)

Words: 300ish

Warnings: Spike being evil and vampiric and foul mouthed, first person POV, un-betad, canon typical violence and gore

Something hit me between my shoulders, hard. I rolled with it. Somersault forwards. Whatever it was seemed to be going for my neck, but it broke off screaming as we hit the ground. It yelled again and I rolled sideways to get out of range. I looked over at it, no him, no… Spike! Only he was still collapsed on the ground screaming and holding his head. Weird. I got to my feet and grabbed a stake.

“What the hell did your soldier boys do to me Slayer?” He said.


“Yes, and you’re the Slayer. Very clever to identify me.” He said. “Now what did you do to me and where did you get funding for those soldiers and cages?”

“I don’t have any funding. Unless you mean my allowance and my financial aid for college?” I stare at him. “And what do you mean, soldiers?” He stares right back at me. I try to wait him out and give up when the freaky predator stare gets too creepy. “Look, I really thought you’d gone back to Dru. Can you fill me in on exactly why you think I have funding and soldiers?”

Spike makes a face and lunges for me. He collapses again and screams some more as he holds his head. This is weird. And creepy. In the state he’s in, I’m pretty sure Dawn could stake him. By herself.

“I’m offering you a truce you idiot!” I said. “I need information, and I’ve spotted some commando dudes wandering campus at night twice now. It seems like you may know something.”

Spike lays on the ground moaning. I guess whatever had him screaming in pain really hurt that time.

“Fine, I’ll take your truce you bloody bitch.”

“I think I can be just Slayer instead of bitch.”

“Truce then Slayer.” He grumbles.


Continued here.

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