Eight Banners


Well, due to various issues (including a hard drive that died just last night) I don’t have as many banners to share as I’d hoped to. Ah well, maybe now I’ll finally stop putting off backing up.

Enough of that, you’re here for Spuffy, not to hear my computer woes! :D

Many thanks to enigmaticblues for running another round of seasonal_spuffy.

All of these are available for use. Sadly I can’t remove text that’s already there, but if you would like anything personalized, or icons made of any of them, that I can do. I’m happy to, actually, you only have to ask. :) If you use any, please credit me. Now…

Eight banners (PG-13, probably, maybe a soft-R… I think?)

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Six banners

Woo, open posting day! Thanks to enigmaticblues for running the community, and putting up with my silly questions. :)

I have six banners for you, all of them under the cut. This probably means this is not dial-up friendly. If this is a problem, let me know and I’ll edit and make another post. I just didn’t want to crowd your friends pages. All are available for use, and I can alter the text on any of them (or add text, if needed), just let me know. And please, credit with use. Thanks! Now that that’s out of the way… I hope you enjoy!

Rating : PG-13 to be on the very safe side

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