A Walk In the Woods (1/1)

My posting day is here, and yay! despite all obstacles I have something to post. Infinite thanks to the fabulous edenfalling, who read this for me at the last possible minute. She gives the best feedback! A few of the best jokes are hers, too — I’ll let you try to figure out which ones.

Title: A Walk In the Woods
Author: Willowgreen
Rating: PG at worst
Length: 4400 words
Summary: Buffy needs new shoes, but Spike has dragged her out for a hike and a picnic instead. Can any possible good come of this?
Author’s note: This is a sequel to my 2007 Seasonal Spuffy story A Cup of Kindness, although there’s no need to read that one for this to make sense.
Disclaimer: These characters aren’t mine, although I love them almost as if they were.

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FIC: A Cup of Kindness (1/1)

Yay! My posting day is here and I actually finished my story on time! Many, many thanks to my lovely and amazing betas, missmurchison and edenfalling, as well as the kind friends who responded to the poll I posted when I was completely stuck for ideas.

TITLE: A Cup of Kindness
AUTHOR: Willowgreen
SUMMARY: It’s seven months after the events of “Not Fade Away,” and there’s no such thing as a quiet New Year’s Eve for Buffy Summers. When old acquaintance drops by, she has to decide — stay or go?
RATING: PG13, maybe? for a little bad language and an oblique suggestion of sexual arousal
DISCLAIMER: These characters aren’t mine, I’m just playing with them.

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The Habit of Breathing

It’s my day at last! Here’s my first post — I have a bunch of icons, but I’m saving them for daylight.

Title: The Habit of Breathing
Author: Willowgreen
Rating: PG, max
Setting: Season 6, sometime after Older and Far Away.
Disclaimer: Theirs, not mine. No money changed hands and no bunnies were harmed in the writing of this fic.
Summary: Buffy’s ambivalent — it must be Tuesday. Or Thursday. Or some other day of the week.
Comments: This is nominally a sequel to a very silly story I wrote some time ago, “The Rabbit Rescue Mission,” but there’s no need to read that one first. The only connecting element between the two is that Dawn now has a pet bunny. Feedback would be oh so welcome!

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