Fic: Blood

I still have a few more minutes left before free-for-all day is over? :D (In my time zone, anyway?)

Title: Blood

Medium: fic

Author/creator: tei_lj

Era/season/setting: A series of vignettes spanning pre-S1 (1994) to post-S6 (2006).

Rating: NC-17 for sex, violence, and, obviously, blood.

Word count: ~2800

Notes: So, this fic was inspired by an offhand remark made on the Female Gaze Podcast about how even in fanfic, let alone most canons, there isn’t enough acknowledgement of menstruation and how it would realistically affect characters’ lives. Menstruation, not Spuffy, is the main theme of this fic, but it is plenty Spuffy by volume ;)

Warnings: Uh, basically, if you think you are going to find this gross, you’re probably right.

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