Mostly Sweet (with a few nuts)

Whew.  This is coming in just under the wire.  For those of you that haven’t heard of me, I posted a little story some time ago. It’s titled Origins and can be found on a few of the archive sites. This is a future pic, set in that ‘verse, so some knowledge of the happenings will be necessary. There’s only a brief Spike/Buffy scene in this, but their relationship is the thread that binds all this together, so hopefully it’ll fit the criteria. If not, the mods can remove it. I won’t be insulted.

Author: Niamh (tangwstyl)
Title: Mostly Sweet (with a few nuts)
Word Count: 6,260
Setting: Post The Gift, veers from canon before Buffy’s return.  Set in the future of the Originsverse (but there’s an explanation in the notes!)

[A/N: What a fool I am.  I said, once upon a time, that ‘no, I’d never write seven stories in the Originsverse’, and ‘I don’t think I can come up with enough plots for seven stories’.  Right.  Feel free, right now, to tell me what an idiot and a fool I am.  Because, lo and behold, I’ve written more than seven stories – counting the one-shots.  So there are: Origins, Origins: Bridge, Revelations, Resolutions, Destinies, I Hate How I Love You, All I Want Is You, God Only Knows, Family, and… now this one.  I’m hoping to keep this one quick, and without much drama – I consider this one to be more of a “catching up with the future” than something lengthy and plotty.  Because heaven knows I can get caught up in a plot.  So, here it is...]

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Dark Night of the Soul

I’m not completely comfortable with tagging, since no matter when I do it, it always comes out wrong, so I’ll just give you guys a general heads-up on the content, and then someone far more LJ savvy than I can make it all pretty later (and whoever does has my heartfelt thanks!).

Author: Niamh (tangwstyl)
Title: Dark Night of the Soul
Word Count: 3,663 (minus note and quote)
Setting: Post Chosen, then veers off canon.  Not comic compliant in the least.

Um.  I think that’s it.  Oh, feedback would be lovely, since it’s been so damn long since I wrote anything, the muse is starving for attention.

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Here is the Heart…

This was supposed to be a collaboration between myself and Nmcil.  I was supplying the story and text, and she was going to supply images to create a picture story.  Because of my intense writer’s block, I didn’t get the complete, final version to Nmcil until the day before our original deadline.  So we aimed for the free-day. Until her computer got fried and all the images and other visuals she’d been working on for other stories got eaten. Last night, I got into a minor car accident and wasn’t able to post until now. I am Fail. I apologize, since the root of this lateness was pretty much all my fault.

So, here is my very late contribution to this round of Seasonal Spuffy. My thanks to enigmaticblue, for keeping the community going and inadvertently getting my muse to wake up and not be so dead anymore.

Author: Niamh
Title: Here is the Heart…
Word Count: 2,538 (according to Word Perfect)
This is unbetaed, so all the mistakes are completely, totally 100% mine. I hope you enjoy.
Setting: Post Chosen, Mid Angel Season 5

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