The River Sisters

Title: The River Sisters
Author: quinara
Illustrator: stultiloquentia
Rating: G
Timeframe: Early season six
Disclaimer: Following this exercise Spike and Buffy will be offered complimentary bathrobes and returned to Mutant Enemy. Letia, Lola and Beatrix, however, belong to us.
Notes: Quinara would like to thank Stultiloquentia for her sublime beta work – and alpha work. Stultiloquentia would like to thank Quinara for blind faith in her ability to locate the business end of a pencil, and suggesting the project in the first place.
Summary: Never trust a bint in a pond.

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Self-Indulgent Post-NFA Spuffy Meander

Hiya: I’m back. Erm. I’ve been fussing for a month with this fantastic piece of pr0n. The dirty parts were all lined up fine, but I couldn’t for the life of me make it click as a whole. And then two days ago I realized I was writing the wrong pairing. I was doing my damnedest to force a potentially really interesting Bangel story onto Spike and Buffy.

So, feeling bad about THAT cruel and unusual failure, I went rummaging around in my hard drive’s daunting thicket of fic grafts, cuttings and compost, and emerged with the following. It’s unbetaed. It’s not even a story. What it is is a self-indulgence—play time—me inattentively spouting one of many higglety-pigglety post-NFA fantasies, sort of the way Anna S. does sometimes, except of course that I’d sacrifice a body part for Anna S.’s command of language. It’s not very long, but there’s enough here that’s (a) pretty, and (b) unlikely to be plundered for other projects that I thought I’d set it loose. So I hope you enjoy it and forgive its copious faults. Cheers.

Title: Self-Indulgent Post-NFA Spuffy Meander
Author: Stultiloquentia More Than Usually Sheepish
Rating: PG-13ish
Feedback: Certainly
Archive: No
Summary: See title

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