Fic: Desert Wonderland

Greetings! I am (hopefully) getting in just under the wire with my Free for All entry. I hope you enjoy this little something. Comments are always welcome!

Title: Desert Wonderland
Author: st_salieri
Rating: PG
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Timeline: a few years post-Chosen, not comics compliant
Warnings: typical show violence
Summary: An encounter with a creature terrorizing the inhabitants of Palm Springs sends Buffy, Spike, Dawn and Xander on an adventure in the desert. (AKA: Buffy licks the good toad, with my apologies to Lewis Carroll for the title.)

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The Quest (1/5)

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series The Quest

Greetings, everyone. It’s my posting day, and I’m getting in under the wire as usual.

I have something a little different to share with you. It has action! adventure! romance! maybe more! My only request is that you start at the beginning and follow the instructions as you read.

After all, this is your adventure too.

Title: The Quest
Author: Salieri
Rated: PG
Summary: Buffy, Spike and Angel find themselves involved in a deadly quest. Takes place post-series, and in my world the comics don’t exist.

Thank you to enigmaticblues! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Fic: Three Nights Spent in Bed (1/1)

For my fic today, I was inspired to go back to something I did for Seasonal Spuffy a few cycles ago. This fic is based on my story Ouroboros. It’s not necessary to read that one first – suffice it to say that Buffy and Spike – still Slayer and Vampire – are together in a post-series future, and they are expecting a baby. I wanted to do a further series of vignettes dealing with Buffy’s pregnancy. All three are collected here.

Title: Three Nights Spent in Bed
Author: st_salieri
Rating: R
Setting: Post-series, in the same setting as Ouroboros.

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Fic: Just the Once

Greetings, all! I have a little fic to share with you, and it looks like I’m getting it in just under the wire. This is a light-hearted and angst-free bit of silliness.

Title: Just the Once
Rating: R, for some naughtiness
Summary: Buffy and Spike play a drinking game, and secrets come out. Post-series.

Note: The main pairing is B/S, but it contains mention of past m/m and f/f relationships.

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Fic: Buffy vs. the TeeVee (1/3)

Hello, all. Looks like it’s my day. I have a bit of fic to share, and I blame swsa  for the inspiration. This is the first part, and the second should be up later tonight.

Rating: PG-13 for naughty language

This takes place in some post-NFA future, with Spike and Buffy together (and Angel visiting to help with the usual apocalypse, lalala).

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Fic: Kindle in Us the Fire (1/3)

Greetings, all. I have some fic to share for my posting day. I’ll be posting the first part now and the rest of it later in the day. This fic is a series of three moments from the life of Buffy and Spike, connected thematically. All take place post-NFA.

The quotes at the beginning of each chapter (and at the end of the last) are taken from Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Renascence”, which I highly recommend.

I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Kindle in Us the Fire
Author: st_salieri
Rating: R

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