FIC – Some Kind of Magic 1/?

Kinda late in the day for posting.  I’ll be posting the first chapter here and then the rest at my journal and Elysian Fields as they’re completed. Sorry about that, but RL has sucked massively for the past few months.

Title: Some Kind of Magic
Author: spikeslovebite
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Beta: Megan and Rae. Also mucho thankies to Mary for the read thru
Summary: A seriously AU romp through Joss’ Wishverse. Buffy’s back…again. She’s been resurrected for the sole purpose of defeating the Master. Spike’s in town looking for a little revenge on his dysfunctional family. With the help of some bizarre allies and a little magic, can they work together to break the Master’s hold over Sunnydale?
Disclaimer: Joss’ world, but I like my version bettuh… so NYAHHHH!!!
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