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Author: Slaymesoftly
Form: Fic
Era: season 6
Rating: mild NC17

My little contribution is a sequel to a drabble I wrote years ago for the sb_fag-ends community. Obviously it begged to be continued…..

“Red, hurry up with that spell!” Spike swatted at the light circling his head. It darted away trailing giggling bells.

“I’m trying! It wasn’t my fault Buffy irritated the Queen of the Fairies!”

Spike’s eyes unfocused as the pixie perched on his shoulder and began to whisper in his ear. It was hard to understand the tinkling sounds, but he was pretty sure he recognized a few heated words.

“Dammit, Slayer. Stop that!” he hissed. Her response was to dive into his shirt and begin rubbing her tiny body over his nipples, before dropping to his belly button.

“Now, witch!”

Adding Gillo’s adorable art work, as it was inspired by this story.

New story for SS –
Do You Believe in Fairies?

“I’m sorry, Spike. I’ll keep trying, but you know, the Queen of the Fairies is pretty powerful…. and old. She knows stuff I don’t know… yet.” Willow frowned at him. “What’s the big rush? I mean, yeah, okay, Buffy can’t slay right now, but she’s all right. I mean, she seems happy….”

There was a light tinkling sound as Buffy whisked past, trailing pixie dust, her wings brushing Willow’s face. Willow giggled. “I think it’s kind of fun. I don’t know what your problem is.” She frowned. “I should probably try to find her some more tiny clothes, though. I didn’t know fairies went around naked.” She shook her head at the tiny scrap of cloth she’d found for Buffy to wear. “I guess she doesn’t mind it, though. Good thing she’s so little you can’t really see anything… Can you?”

Spike ignored Willow’s worried question. He knew better than to say that he was well aware of what naked Buffy looked like, as she landed on his shoulder and tickled his ear with a wing tip. He growled and swatted at her, but she was already away and making the bell sounds that he now knew meant she was laughing. While Willow’s back was turned, studying her spell book for some way to bring Buffy back, she dove into Spike’s shirt again and began to run her tiny hands all over his nipples. She froze when Willow turned around.

“Where’d she go?” Willow’s eyebrows went up when he pointed at his chest and rolled his eyes. “Oh, again? Why does she keep going under your shirt? I don’t think she should do that when she’s practically naked. Do you think she’s cold and trying to keep warm?”

“I think she’s tryin’ to make me spontaneously combust!” he growled, holding out the bottom of his tee shirt and trying to shake the giggling pixie out. She slid out, tickling his navel with her wings as she did, then zooming up into the air and flying to land on a stake. She sat there, tinkling away until Willow said, “Do you think she’s trying to say she wants you to go out and patrol for her?”

Buffy rose into the air, her tiny head nodding up and down vigorously. Spike sighed and picked up the stake.

“Fine, I’ll go see how many hapless evil-doers I can eliminate while you try to break that bloody spell.” He grabbed his coat and headed for the door, only to find Buffy riding on his shoulder and making her little bell-like sounds in his ear. “Yeah, yeah. I got it, Slayer. Why don’t you stay here with the witch? Just in case she finds a way to break the spell….”

The bell sounds became louder and less pretty when Buffy rose into the air, her wings beating like a hummingbird’s as she clearly berated him.

“I think she wants to go with you, Spike. You should probably take her along. For, you know, moral support?”

“I don’t need moral support, I need a fly swatter,” he snarled as he pulled the coat on, taking care not to actually brush Buffy in a way that might injure or knock her down.

He didn’t see Willow roll her eyes at him, but he did hear her say, “You two have fun, now.”


“That was bloody stupid, you know,” he said as they went down the sidewalk, Buffy sitting on his shoulder again. She snuggled up next to his ear and made apologetic jingling sounds.

“Well, you should be sorry,” he grumbled, even as he turned his head to nuzzle her little body. “Red isn’t stupid, you know. You’d think that spell made you horny and careless, not just giggly and flighty.”

She giggled in his ear, and tinkled something that sounded a lot like “Maybe it did?”

“That’s not fair, love,” he groaned. “Not when I can’t do anything about it while you’re smaller than my— stop that!”

Buffy was now perched on his leg, obviously measuring herself against the growing bulge there. She rubbed up against it as she stretched herself out to see which was longer. She made little muttering bell sounds when she couldn’t make her tiny body reach from one end to the other. In spite of what her wriggling around was doing to his rapidly hardening cock, he laughed at her attempts to make herself taller. Before he could say anything, a sound ahead of them brought his head up and he sheltered her with one hand while he searched for the source of the sound.

“Are you playing with yourself, Spike? That’s pathetic. You could at least wait until you’re not in public.”

Spike kept his hand in front of Buffy’s now-still form as he faced Xander.

“It’s a bloody cemetery, you git. The public isn’t alive to care what I do. What are you doin’ out here by yourself? It’s dark now, in case you didn’t notice. Only safe for vamps and demons.”

“And Buffy. I was looking for her. Why isn’t she with you? I thought you two—not that I approve of it—were a slaying team now? Did she get tired of you hitting on her?”

Buffy slipped out from behind Spike’s hand while Xander was staring into his eyes, and came buzzing up from behind to flick him on an ear. She circled his head like a tiny sun, dropping pixie dust on his face and making him sneeze.

“Oh, there she is! You mean Will hasn’t changed her back yet?” Xander brushed the sparking dust off his face and frowned at Spike.

“As you can see,” Spike growled.

“She probably shouldn’t be out here like this. I mean, she’s so small and helpless—Ow!”

Buffy zipped away, bells tinkling, as Xander rubbed his head.

“You try tellin’ her that,” Spike said, laughing at him. “She’s pretty strong for a pixie. And she can fly,” he added as Buffy buzzed Xander’s head before settling on Spike’s shoulder to glare at him.

“Yeah, yeah. Fine. Just don’t get her killed while you’re busy fighting something.”

“I’ll do my best. It’s not like she listens to me.”

“Well tell her I hope Willow breaks the spell soon.” Xander turned to walk away.

“She can hear you, you berk. She’s a pixie, not deaf or stupid.”

Xander just waved his hand, ignoring the clearly indignant bell sounds coming from behind him. Spike watched him go, absently swatting at Buffy when she began blowing in his ear and caressing his face with her wings.

“He’s got a point, love. My first thought was to hide you and keep you safe. Which took one hand out of action. Patrol might not be a good idea just now. I can do a sweep later on my way home. Maybe we should go back and see if Red is making any progress.

“Although, if she was, I reckon you’d be the first to notice it,” he added, when she jingled angrily at his suggestion.

Buffy tinkled her agreement, then began flying away and back until he caught on and began to follow her. He frowned when his crypt came in to view.

“What’s this about then, Slayer?”

She whispered breathy little jingles in his ear, making him groan again.

“I know I’m going to regret this,” he sighed as he opened the door. “But what the hell, I’ve never had a pixie….”


“Bloody hell, Buffy… you’re going to kill me, love.”

Buffy glanced up from where she had draped herself over his engorged cock.

“Stop?” she tinkled. He could see a tiny pout on her equally tiny mouth as she wrapped her legs around him and began to rub herself against her chosen perch. Her wings began moving faster, sending a soft breeze across his abdomen. “Not stop!” The bell sounds became faster and louder as she rubbed more and more vigorously until she suddenly squeezed him so hard he gasped in pain. The sound of bells reached a crescendo, before she collapsed, still clinging to him, her winds flapping slowly as her breath came back. Her light pulsed in time with her breathing as she recovered.

Spike released his hold on the edge of the bed. She’d coaxed him into hanging on to it while she fluttered her way around his nude body, patting and stroking him with her little hands, and inserting tiny fingers into places she wouldn’t have normally even noticed. Her constant touches somehow managed to feel more like the caresses they were meant to be, rather than the annoying tickling that he would have expected to feel from something the size of a large insect crawling around on his body.

He brought one hand down and gently scooped her up to place her on his chest. She jingled in complaint, but didn’t try to move away, only snuggling her face against him. The jingles softened into something that almost sounded like musical purring as she curled up under his hand. He held her gently for a few seconds, then shifted under her as he brought his other hand around and placed it on his aching cock.

“I’m sorry, love. But if you don’t let me do something about this right now, I’m afraid it’s going to break.” Still holding her on his chest, he wrapped his free hand around his cock. Before he could do much more than begin stroking himself, the old clock—one he’d found at the dump weeks ago and placed in a corner so she could tell when it was time to go home—began to bong. When it finally stopped, having bonged all the way to midnight, Buffy gave a little shudder and was suddenly back to herself. And lying naked on top of him.

His discomfort forgotten, he put both arms around her and sighed. “Spell ended at midnight. One of us probably should have figured that out. Good thing we were here when it broke,” he added, running his hands over her bare flanks. “Couldn’t very well hide all this skin with my hand, could I?”

“Am I me again? Already?” She pushed herself to a sitting position, straddling his hips and smiling when he growled.

“You are. And you’re exactly where I need you to be.” He held her hips as he pushed against her damp warmth and wriggled until she had lifted up enough to slide onto him. “Ahhhh….” His sigh of relief was short-lived as Buffy began to clench and release around his cock, sending him into a mix of growls, murmurs of appreciation, and garbled endearments that ended with a much-sooner-than-expected shout of release that shook them both.

Barely pausing to enjoy the relief, he flipped them over so he was staring down into her smirking face. He growled, even as he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.

“Been putting up with your teasin’ all day and half the night. Now it’s my turn, Slayer. Hold on to your hat… or whatever.”

“Promises, promises,” she said, stretching out under him until her own hands were grasping the edge of the bed. “Put your money where your mouth is, vampire.”

“You don’t want money where my mouth is goin’,” he said, sliding down her body to show her exactly what he meant. Remembering how much delight she’d taken in teasing him all day whenever no one was looking, he took his time, bringing her to the edge of release over and over until he finally sucked her clit into his mouth all the way and nicked it with one fang. Her shriek of pleasure/pain made him smile as he kissed his way back up to her face.

Buffy’s legs came around his back, and he willingly let her pull him inside. They remained still for several moments, staring into each other’s eyes in a way she rarely allowed when in an intimate position.

“It was kind of fun, being a fairy,” she said. “Very freeing. Plus, the whole flying thing. That was an awesome bonus.”

“Fun for you,” he growled. “I thought I was going to burst into flames!”

She giggled, then cocked her head at him. “Did you notice how nobody seemed to care that I wanted to be with you all the time? Or that I was always touching you? What do you think that was about?”

He sighed. “Was probably about knowin’ I’d not do anything to hurt you, and I obviously wasn’t able to threaten your virtue when you could fit in one hand—and weren’t even as big as my dick,” he added. “In case you’ve forgotten.”

“I didn’t forget,” she said, beginning to move under him. “I already knew how big it was. I was just using it as an excuse to play.”

“I’ll give you ‘play’ you….” He stopped speaking when she increased her movements and he unconsciously began to match her thrust for thrust.


“I guess I’d better head home,” Buffy sighed, hours later.

“Reckon you’re right, love.” He stood up and went to the dresser, pulling out a pair of her jeans and an old tee shirt of his. “Don’t think you should go like that.” He gestured to her still naked body that she was pretending to hide with the teeny piece of fabric she’d worn as a fairy.

“Good idea.” She took the jeans and pulled them on, making a face at her lack of underwear. “Why can’t I have some cheap panties here too?”

“I’ll get you some, I promise. Next time I go shopping, I’ll nick you some frillies.”

She pulled his old shirt over her head and glanced around. “Don’t I have a sweat shirt here somewhere? I think it’s going to be cold outside.”

“It’s upstairs,” he said. “What we don’t have are shoes. You need to bring some old running shoes over to leave here.”

“Hmph,” she grunted in agreement. “I flew here, didn’t I?”

“No worries, pet. I can carry you home.”

“It’s almost morning,” Buffy said, glancing at the clock. “You’ll be caught by the sun if you try to come home from my house.”

“Not letting you walk home alone and barefoot,” he said. “We’ll work it out.”

“Maybe you could just stay there today. Downstairs…. We haven’t had any sleep, neither one of us.”

Spike smiled at her. “Much as I appreciate the thought, love, I’m not sure how much sleep I’d get knowin’ you were just a couple of floors above my bed.”

Buffy gave a giggle that sounded suspiciously like bells. “Well, you’d get more sleep there than you would if I let you sleep in my bed.” She giggled again at his gaping mouth and wide eyes, before dancing out the door to wait for him on the wet grass.


As they approached her front porch, Spike slowed down, asking, “Did you want to be put down now, love? So you walk in under your own power and not in my arms?”

“Nah. Probably nobody’s up yet, anyway. And I don’t want to get my feet cold and wet again.”

He pushed through the unlocked door, to find a bleary-eyed Willow just coming down the stairs. He froze, still holding Buffy as Willow stared at them.

“B…Buffy. You’re you again,” Willow managed to stammer out. “I was just coming down to keep looking for—”

“The spell broke at midnight,” Buffy said, wriggling until Spike set her down on the floor.

“Well… why didn’t you come home then?”

“I didn’t want to. I was…busy. We were busy. And anyway, I was naked. You wouldn’t expect me to walk home like that would you?”

“N…no. Of course not. But you aren’t naked now. Where were you when you changed back? How did you find clothes? And why was Spike carrying you?”

Buffy pointed to her bare feet. “No shoes,” she said, ignoring the rest of Willow’s questions. She peered out the window to see if the sun was coming up, then nodded and turned to Spike.

“It’s too sunny. You’ll have to stay here today. Thanks for carrying me home, I’ll see you later after I get some sleep.” She kissed him on the cheek, still ignoring Willow’s questions as well as the shocked expression on her face, then ran up the stairs almost as lightly as if she’d still had wings.

As shocked as Willow, Spike was frozen in place, staring up the stairs and holding one hand to his cheek.

“Are you going to explain this, mister?”

Spike shook his head. “Couldn’t if I tried,” he said. “I’m as gobsmacked as you are.” He shook his head again, and walked toward the door to the basement. “But I think I might owe the Fairy Queen a really nice gift,” he said as he pulled the door shut behind him, leaving Willow staring back and forth between the basement door and the stairs leading to Buffy’s room.

“Oh Goddess,” she said. “Oh my Goddess….”

The End

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