Fic: Hiding In (PG)

Hello, everyone, and happy Sunday! I’m Rummi, and I’ve got a fluffy little seasonal fic to offer you today.

Though Halloween has officially come and gone, I couldn’t resist writing this one. It’s set in S6, before the sex and the über-angst – when our couple was still having those potentially sweet moments. It was originally inspired by a throwaway line, delivered by Spike near the beginning of “All the Way.”

Hope you enjoy!

Title: Hiding In
Author: Sharelle
Rating: PG
Word Total: 3735
Summary: When work at the Magic Box starts getting the Slayer down, what’s left but to take a certain vampire up on his offer? Shoplifting, snark, holiday television specials, and schmoopy, fluffy Spuffy ensue!
Author’s Notes: A slightly different turn of events during “All the Way.” It takes place after Spike’s and Buffy’s conversation in the Magic Box basement, and before Giles shows up at the crypt, searching for Dawn.

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