Fiction: The Fourth Wish: Prologue

It’s my seasonal_spuffy debut. *curtseys* I am delighted to be on board and I’m Spuffy to the core!

Title: The Fourth Wish: Prologue part 1/?
Author: scarlett2u
Setting: Post-series. Prologue covers the series as aired. Story goes AU in early s8.
Rating: Probably R overall; this prologue is PG
Genre: It’s an AU/wishverse
General Disclaimer: Although I am a Spuffy enabler, I did not create and do not own the characters, canon, or anything else that might to Joss Whedon or Mutant Enemy Productions. If I did, it would be Spuffy 24/7 and that little Grrr!Argggh! guy would hang out in my home office. I am not about the profit, just the love. My icon was created by the lovely and talented beloved_77
Summary: What if Buffy said those all-important little words: “I wish…”?
Feedback: Last night, I went to TGI Friday’s and the entire wait staff sang me a very long birthday song and gave me a huge ice cream sundae. I’m lactose intolerant and I blush on occasion. Obviously, your feedback would be much better for me.

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