One Last Fiction Banner: for Closure is a Silly Word by Herself_NYC

A personal challenge – can I whip out a fiction poster in a couple of hours?  If I start with a rough draft from the Casablanca project I can.  I was certain that I had nothing left to give for this round but I was so inspired by herself_nyc‘s “Closure is a Silly Word” tonight that I had to respond. So few Spuffy stories (or really fandom stories in general) take Dawn’s trauma, or the relationship between the two Summers sisters, seriously. I adore the angst, the heartbreak, the love and the stubborn hopefulness. Plus, New York City and especially the Chelsea Hotel is nearly a character in it’s own right.

(And how could I not love a fic that mentions the Dojo, one of my favorite places to eat when I’ve visited the city? Dark, damp, overcrowded, noisy, dirty, cheerful, oddly comforting, long wooden tables shared with strangers, my boots soaking wet from the rain, and bowls of hot, damnably tasty noodles is what I think of when I think of the Dojo.)

First, though, read the fic:
part 1   part 2

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Banners and Icons for Round 19

Once again, I want to wish the members and maintainers of seasonal_spuffy  a very happy 10 year anniversary! This was only the second time I’ve participated in the banner competition and I learned a lot about digitial editing and design via this project; and I picked up some skills and confidence I didn’t have beforehand. Below is a selection of my banner alts, suitable for use in a story or website project, and of course some icons to go with.

(And if you don’t like alts, or artists gabbing about “the process”, simply scroll down to the pretty icons below. Because this post might be of greater interest to other artists than the general population. Or it might not. I’m just sayin’)

Teasers: spuffybanner6b_iconforseasonalspuffysept2015RSD_1.png spuffybanner6soikeiconoct2015RSD2.4.jpg spikesNLMiconforssfall2015byrsd_3.1.png spuffyhuglevinsbanner8iconforseasonalspuffysept2015RSD.jpg

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Banners and Icons Inspired by Shapinglight’s “Casablanca” (and Rebcake’s request for poppies)

My apologies for missing the 11th: my internet connection went bust as I was finishing this post. We just came back live, yay!  Now without further adieu, on with the show.

This being my first post proper at seasonal_spuffy: HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY! Thank you to the mods and members for all the work they do to keep this alive and especial thanks this past month to teragramm for all her advice and support and to rebcake for still being one of the nicest people I know in fandom.

First off, some poster art for shapinglight ‘s “Casablanca” from Round 18; I’ve wanted to make artwork for it since I read it last May and this round provided the perfect motivation and excuse.  As usual for me there are alts: in this case, four poster styles, plus accompanying icons. I’ve tried to be faithful to the spirit if not the letter of shapinglight‘s wonderful, mournful, elegant and strangely hopeful tale. I hope she approves. She is welcome to use any and all she likes.*


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