Buffy Vs Donald

Title: Buffy Vs Donald
Author: Puddinhead
Pairings: Buffy/Spike
Rating: PG
Length: 5K
Timeline: Season 6
Warning: This is a goofy ‘what if…’ and my lame attempt to get out the vote in the US today. If you love Trump, you will not have a good time. But hey, between us, if you love that egomaniacal, oompa-loompa, Caleb-wannabe, what are you doing here? Seriously. Have you watched stuff by Whedon?
Thanks to VampyreLover, Susan, and All4Spike for the beta. Mistakes and political viewpoints are my own.  Continue Reading

Fic: English Lessons (1/1)

My first Seasonal Spuffy!  This was written because I’m ridiculously excited about Joss’ upcoming “Much Ado About Nothing.”   Thanks to Minx and Lutamira for their help.  Mistakes are mine because it’s mostly unbeta’ed.

This takes place right before “Crush.”  :)

Title: English Lessons
Author: Puddinhead.dreamwidth.org
Rating/Warning: PG-13, mild language/suggestiveness
Word Count: 2,646
Medium: Fic
For: Seasonal Spuffy
Theme: The Dance
Setting: BtVS Season 5, Right before “Crush”
Genre: Snarky Romcom?
Beta: Lutamira and Minx helped, but it’s rather unbeta’ed
Summary: Spike and Buffy talk about Shakespeare.  And their urges to punch each other.

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