Love has no boundaries

This’s my first post in this community. I’m really excited! Yay me!

I hope i haven’t messed up the time zones and this is indeed my posting day!

Firstly, i want to say thank you to enigmaticblues  for running this awesome comm!!!<3

And secondly, i’m sorry that i couldn’t respond to most of your entries. But i loved all of them. Especially the two wonderful vids from evangelin1202  and ladyofthelog!

So, what i wanted to do was:

-a vid representing the Spuffy relationship
-icons showing all possible Spuffy scenes(scenes in which they were together somehow)
-some banners, which i’ve already posted, but which were meant for this comm
-a beginning of a Spuffy comic

I didn’t manage to do the vid. Only half of it is ready, but i did the icons. So here ya go. All Spuffy scenes in 130 icons, chronologically ordered, of course. + 2 banners, 3 more icons, Spuffy header, Spuffy cover and Spuffy gif in the rain

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