Offering Two… part 1 of 5, more of a teaser for four longer parts to come. An AU season 4, styled a la the AUs on the show– canon world, one big difference with for-want-of-a-nail impact. Hopefully will be fun! Expect the rest on free-for-all-day?

Author/Creator: onlylyin
Era/Season/Setting: AU season 4
Rating: this part all ages, eventually T for Teen

Genre: AU
So, anyone else remember Celia, Buffy’s cousin from Killed by  Death? Barely? Well, this would probably be the Celiaverse… created pretty much just for the Spuffy dynamic thereof. But the whole cast should show.

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Shadowy Corners

Sorry this is on the line of late ~ I’m on Central US time currently (in New Orleans, which is nice since it’s still snowing at home in Buffalo). Suffice to say, life is big on the crazy and grad school is evil. Also, the Internet and livejournal apparently dislike me… But I’m really excited to be posting ~ first Seasonal Spuffy! but although I’ve been spending every (few and far between) spare minutes writing, I don’t have as much for you as I intended. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy anyway. I have a short one-shot, below, and a teaser scene for a four-part AU season four fic to follow, probably on free-for-all-day. Happy reading and I can’t wait to rededicate my free time to reading what everyone else has been posting!!

Title: Shadowy Corners
Author/Creator: onlylyin (I’m on fanfiction.net as lyin’, you might, or might not, have spied me there!)

Era/Season/Setting: Season 8 Comicsverse, pre the four-months-later scenes in Issue #40. Very little comics knowledge actually needed to follow, except that Buffy’s now working in a coffee shop.
Rating: All Ages
Genre: …er, doughy conversation?
 I was going to link a download to “Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop,” which is very on-the-nose and not a song that would automatically make me think Spuffy, except that it did. And I say “I was going to” because trying to link makes my entry post crash and burn. but if anyone wants it, give me a shout. Enjoy!

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