Fic: To Woo A Slayer

So, it’s my posting day and I come bearing a fic. It is fluffy and sappy and set in a sort of AU Season 6 where Tara and Willow no longer live in Buffy’s house and though Buffy and Spike have shared a few kisses, the dysfunctional sexual relationship hasn’t started. I may add a sequel which may or may not be ready for the free-for-all day. We’ll see, no promises though cuz RL has been amazingly busy these last few weeks.

Title: To Woo A Slayer
Author: my_perfect_muse
Rating: PG
Beta: dusty273
Word Count: Just over 2,800
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I love playing with Joss’ creations.
Summary: A study session with Dawn leads to some realizations for the Slayer.

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