Fic: Another Time, Another Place (Part 1)

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Hello folks, I guess today is my day. This fic will be posted in installments, with the first going out now. There will be a second section this afternoon and the last one will go up tonight. My family didn’t entirely cooperate with my writing plans, darn ’em, but you will have it all today.

Deep thanks go to my best buds and betas, married_n_mich and spiralleds, who stepped in at the tenth hour to polish this up. Also thanks to enigmaticblues for heading up this community and helping to keep the Spuffy alive (because there can never be too much Spuffy).

This fic is rated PG, for mild language and some fun descriptions of demon gore. Set immediately post-Not Fade Away

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Fic: Three’s The Charm, Part I

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Well, it looks like today is my day for posting fic. I’d like to thank our gracious moderator, itmustbetuesday, for all the hard work she puts into making seasonal_spuffy such a success. I also thank my betas, spiralleds and married_n_mich for their support and dedication (particularly when I send them twenty page stories the same day I need to post)! There are no words for the depth of my gratitude.

Just one short author’s note: this is set in early BtVS Season 5, right after “Real Me” and “The Replacement.” I wanted to play with Buffy and Spike in that particular time frame.

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Adventure in Gruffland

It is my misfortune today to be posting in the footsteps of some truly brillant work. I humbly offer my submission for seasonal_spuffy‘s Fairytale Season. I hope you enjoy it, and I bow my head to my predecessors.

I also want to extend my deepest appreciation and regard to my betas, married_n_mich and spiralleds. They are always there for me, no matter what’s going on in their lives. I don’t deserve them, but they’re stuck with me.

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Seasonal Spuffy Fic: Stay Away From Randy!

It’s been such a pleasure to be involved with this new Community. I’ve been loving the daily dose of Spuffyness (I am in awe of the banner and icon makers – SO much talent!). Anyway, here is my contribution, and I hope you find it enjoyable.


Summary: Did y’ever wonder what would have happened if Xander had waited a few more hours before breaking on Willow’s Tabula Rasa crystal?
Rating: PG-13
Love to my betas, spiralleds and married_n_mich. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.
Also thanks to my children, who inspired both the title and the ending.

And now, on to…

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