Puzzles – Hangman and Slide Puzzles

Final post of the day! Thanks to schehrezade_1  for her unfailing patience (and I promise to finish the beta more than three hours before you have to post next time :p), everyone who has commented (you guys rock!), and to itmustbetuesday  for letting us come back again!

And I leave you with a couple of puzzles – hope you enjoy :)

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Spuffy/Tenth Kingdom icons

Well, that’s it from us today … I’d like to send kudos and muchos hugs to my wonderful partner in crime, schehrezade_1: you soothed my muse, inspired me with your wicked imagination, and kept my excitement bubbling … plus you put up with me being distracted by real life :p

Many thanks to itmustbetuesday for letting us take part and hosting this fabulous community – it’s been a lot of fun to take part in, and even more fun to follow!

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Wallpapers and Headers – Wrecked and Out of My Mind

Schez and I will be posting a mixture of things for you today … and I seem to have drawn the short straw to go first again ;)

Hope you’re sitting comfortably, and I’ll begin …
starting off with a couple of wallpapers and headers … featuring lots of Spike skin … completely by accident *g*


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