Under the Influence of Thanksgiving (and Vengeance Demons) – Just Like Old Times, Chapter 1

I’d like to apologize for not reviewing anything yet this round. I decided to hide from the world after the election-that-shall-not-be-named because I’m entirely too sensitive. Sad. But! I told myself I would contribute this year to Seasonal Spuffy and I really didn’t want to break that promise to myself. Again.  I actually wrote the first chapter of this early this month, and then tonight I decided to completely rewrite it, so I’m sorry for no-doubt numerous errors.  Also, this is all I’ve got so far because I’m hitting my self-imposed deadline of Thanksgiving Day.

I should probably issue some warnings for 1) overuse of commas (maybe), 2) overuse of adverbs (definitely), 3) playing fast and loose with the supernatural rules of canon, and 4) ripping lines directly from the season 4 episode Pangs, written by Jane Espenson. All that being said, I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope y’all enjoy it!

This part rated PG-13/R for coarse language and very minor sexual situations. Approx. 2500 words.

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