Do You Believe?

Okay and now on to the ficlet. Also in keeping with the fairy tale theme.
The banner is sharable, as with the other fairy tale banners here or regular banners here.

Title: Do You Believe?
Rating: PG
Timeline: Season 5. Somewhere between Triangle and Checkpoint
Summary: Buffy dreams of knight in shining… duster?
This story contains references to the previous fairy tale banners. (See above)
Think of them as glimpses into Buffy’s dreams. (That’s how i wrote this anyway, the banners came first then the ficlet… lol)
Disclaimer: Why can’t I have him?

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Hey everyone!
Glad to be back for this round of seasonal_spuffy i have a couple posts today, i have 2 banner posts and a ficlet. Hope you will enjoy.
The first is a couple of banners that are kind of the oddballs of the bunch, the rest have a theme, so i will post them first.

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