(Don’t) Call Me Love 1/2

Here’s my second offering for the day. I’ve debated with myself about posting it at all because it didn’t turn out the way i anticipated and i’m not sure i like it. My beta tells me it’s worth posting so i guess i will, and hope that someone enjoys it.

(Don’t) Call Me Love
~14,000 words
Much thanks to starrynights24  for the beta’ing. Any remaining mistake is my own.

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Fic: Elementary (part 1)

Title: Elementary
Author: Kallysten
Rating: overall R/NC17
Summary: Post Just Rewards fic, Buffy hears Spike is back and comes to LA to see him.
Notes: I’ll post the 5 parts in two separate posts. And before i do, i’ve got to give big thanks to just_kumi for an initial look through it and kantayra for cutting my wordiness to a minimum.

Hope you enjoy :)

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