A Day In The Life – Ficlet

Hi, folks. It’s my posting day on seasonal_spuffy as well as shapinglight – just checked the email to be sure! LOL

Many thanks to enigmaticblues for all her work for this wonderful community. And for the theme of obstacles, which I’ve kinda turned on its head by removing as many of them as possible from a slice from an alternate Season 5. Hope you enjoy.

Title: A Day in the Life
Author: Just Sue
Rating: PG13
Summary: Some time in an alternate, nicer S5 – where the key is a key, Riley is gone, and Glory is somewhat misplaced in LA – a glimpse at a day in the life of Spike and Buffy.
Warning: Ad nauseum references to tea
Betas: Many thanks to slaymesoftly and alwaysjbj. Any and all errors are mine – feel free to point out.
Disclaimer: Not mine in reality, just caressed briefly in an attempt to entertain, then returned intact…mostly.

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The Fifth Kiss

Title: The Fifth Kiss
Author: Just Sue
Rating: PG15 – mostly for bad language
Pairing: Purely Spuffy
Beta: A bucketful of sincere thanks to spikesdeb  for the on the trot beta today. *smooches* Any and all errors are purely mine.
Summary: S6 BtVS. Somewhere between Tabula Rasa and Smashed, Spike takes his own course of action, trying to be a better man for his slayer.

Many thanks to enigmaticblues  for her tireless work for this wonderful community.  Continue Reading