A New Bird – Chapter Four

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Rating:  PG
I don’t own the Buffy characters.

A/N – in case you’re wondering, Angel lost his soul when he saw that Buffy was unharmed. Or rather, that’s when he had his moment of happiness. In the show, the soul loss was a bit delayed, so it was here as well, though perhaps took a little less time than in the show.

Beta’d by Always_jbj. Thank you!

(Yes, I am sneak editing, replacing my rushed chapters with beta’d chapters.)


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A New Bird – Chapter One

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Hi!  Sorry this is so late in my day.  I hadn’t written anything in quite some time prior to today, due to work ickiness and being exhausted from said work ickiness, so I had the first chapter for this sitting on my hard drive since the week I signed up and NOTHING ELSE.  I think if I had a muse, it died.  Or something.  But I pleaded with my husband for a day to myself today to finish this and yay, he agreed!  I would’ve felt awful not posting after I said I would.  So again, apologies for the lateness, but I think it ended up a fair sized story considering I wrote most of it today.

I’m not able to go over this as many times as I usually do editing-wise, due to the time constraints, so please also pardon any typos.  Hopefully, I’ll catch most of them.  There will be a short delay between posting chapters as I give each one a final look and quick edit.  I’ll try to come back and fix anything major if I find it later, right now I just want to get it up there before my time expires.  Hope it doesn’t totally suck! :)

Summary/Notes:  What if Ford had hit Buffy a little harder?  First scene completely taken from Lie to Me then pretty much AU after that, with a line or two of dialogue pinched here and there – you’ll recognize them.  Also, the gang never showed up at the Sunset Club (Gang meaning Angel, etc.)

Rating: R for most of it, I think.  One chapter may be NC-17, I’ll note that one.
Medium: Fanfic
Title: A New Bird
Warnings: It’s a bit angsty, I suppose, but I don’t like sad endings so there isn’t one, well not really.  Angel’s Buffy’s boyfriend during this time period, but there’s no Bangel in the story, honest.  There’s character death, but not Spike or Buffy and I promise, you probably won’t care.  Just warning in case someone’s really sensitive.

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