Fic: “The Real Me” – PG-13

Hello all! I’m very excited to be making my very first Seasonal Spuffy post! Thanks so much to the mods for keeping up this awesome community, and thanks to all the members who supply the awesome spuffyness. :)
Title: The Real Me

Author: itsayamsham

Setting: Season 6, Post “Doublemeat Palace”

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Comedy with a gooey, wholesome center

Word Count: ~5,800

Summary: Dawn unknowingly sets off a spell to step into Buffy’s shoes for a day – literally and figuratively – and wakes up to find herself trapped in her sister’s body. Unwilling to go to the Scoobies, who wouldn’t be much use to her anyway, she seeks out Spike for help, and in the process ends up getting first-hand experience in what is an average day in Buffy’s life – including, and especially, the lusty vampire.

Author’s Note:  Beta’d by musesinbasement

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