A (sort of) poem: “Every Night I Save You”

Thank you to enigmatic_blue for hosting the party!

Author’s notes:
Eep! I’m an hour late — sorry!

This is my first attempt at writing a rhyming poem, specifically a “sestina,” and it kicked my ass. A lot. For those who want to know:
The sestina is a pentameter poem consisting of six stanzas of six lines plus a three-line coda (know as the envoy or envoi). The sestina “rhymes” on six end-words, which must be repeated in each stanza in a controlled order, whereby the last end-word in each stanza becomes the first end-word of the next stanza: abcdef, faebdc, cfdabe, ecbfad, deacfb, bdfeca. The envoi must employ two of the end-words in each of its three lines.
– Helen Vendler, Poems, Poets, Poetry (p. 603)

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Collaborative Spuffy!

Thank you to enigmaticblue , for hosting this festive gathering again! My contribution is a bit… weird, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless.

This Spuffy Mad-lib has been brought to you by debris4spike , enigmaticblues , varina8 , enisy , brunettepet , thisficklemob , and yours truly.

Title: Pelting the TV
Set during late S5 or early S6, but it really doesn’t matter and makes no sense anyway.
All words in bold typeface were contributed by the “players.”

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Fanfic: Where They Went from There

Title: Where They Went from There
Author: framefolly
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, but I do claim fair use of them under current copyright laws.
Summary: Set immediately after One More with Feeling. If the Scoobies had seen The Kiss – and reacted a little differently to Buffy’s revelation of what she did during her summer break – where might they have gone from there?

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