Accessories Included, Chapter 1

This is the third story I’ve worked on for my posting date. Despite the lack of time, I just couldn’t stop them from becoming monstrosities. As it is, much apologies for having only the first chapter out, but I’ve worked myself into a knot over this for the past month and I just need to get it off my chest. Further chapters will be posted on my LJ. A big thank you to for organising the whole thing!

Title: Accessories Included
Rating: R
Chapters: 1/4
Disclaimer: All Joss Whedon’s. I just play with ‘em.
Timeline: AtS “Not Fade Away”
A/N: I don’t have my copy of the AtS S5 DVD set with me right now and can’t exactly remember what happened. So bear with me if you see any inconsistencies with the prior storyline.

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