Fic: I didn’t know it’d feel like this. PG-13.

Back in June I wrote a Spuffy fic with shanshued!Spike: A Picture is a Thousand Words…. This fic is like a FitB to that story, telling of what happened when Spike and Buffy’s twins were born. (Yes, it is baby!fic. But I think I’ve managed to convey a fairly accurate picture of what it feels like to become a parent – the good and the bad. Although there is a twist…)

Also I’m very pleased that I’m posting this on Spike’s birthday, because that makes me feel less bad about this story being so focussed on him. Couldn’t be helped I’m afraid. Oh and it fits in *perfectly* with the ‘new beginnings’ theme. :)

Title: I didn’t know it’d feel like this.
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (duh!)
Setting: It’s 2012. Spike shanshued post-NFA, and he and Buffy have been married for almost 5 years now.
Rating: Um… PG-13?
Word count: 2800 words approx.
Beta: kathyh. Don’t know how I’d cope without her!
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. Which is tragic.
Feedback: Pretty please? This story really means a lot to me. You’ll see why.
Dedication: For caliente_uk! *hugs*

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