Fic: Hallelujah (Just Breathe)

Title: Hallelujah (Just Breathe)
Author: DiamondTook (diamondtook862)
Medium: Fiction (One shot)
Rating: PG-13
Time: Season 6: During the Dead Things (AU)
Warning: None
Word Count: Just shy of 3000

Thanks to: ever_neutral and ghostyouknow27 for being pretty much the awesomest betas ever in the Buffyverse/Jossverse/Universe. These guys make everything better, fix my commas, and slay all my extra evil adverbs. Also, best characterization discussions ever. :) I wouldn’t be writing fic at all if it weren’t for Alex, and lusciousxander who pushed me over the edge and told me I had crazy things in my head worth putting on internet-paper. Any mistakes are my own, as I’ve fiddled after my lovely betas had their say.

A/N: This is set during the first scene of the DT dream (when Spike comes to Buffy in bed) and goes AU from there.

Summary: “Because I’m a murderer. And I should be punished.”

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