The DeSoto (NC-17) by Dampersandspoons

Title: The DeSoto
Author:  dampersnspoons
Season/Setting:  Season 6/Somewhere between the episodes “Gone” and “Dead Things”
Rating:  NC-17 in the highest regard, for language and explicit sex.
Genre:  Porn without plot, angst, romance
Beta/Test-readers: The Wonderful aerintine  and the fabulous lostboy_lj   Thank you for your help! <3
Word Count:  3,240 / complete

Author’s Note:  This is my first time posting to seasonal_spuffy after three years in the Buffy fandom!  I’m excited, nervous, and thrilled to be a part of it.  I had to post as soon as the date changed, I am that anxious. Thank you to the moderators for maintaining this awesome community.  I hope you all enjoy my contributions!

First, I bring you pure erotica in a car (with feeling), and then I will be sharing some icons in a separate post.  I may have something else fic-wise to post on free-for-all day if I play my cards right.


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