The Want of Need

So. Technically, it’s my Seasonal Spuffy day. Just a little past midnight. I… suck, and have the most woeful of contributions. I’d throw out the general excuse of being too busy to produce much, but that’s boring and redundant so I’ll just say: I do have some fic! I wrung out some stuff I’ve had on my harddrive for a while and, well, this is what I have to offer.

Title: The Want of Need
Summary: Buffy hates Spike. Except she also kinda needs him, too. Set in s6.

A/N: Not beta’d in the slightest!

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In Company of Linoleum

I’m so happy for the free-for-all day! I haven’t had any time to really indulge in Seasonal Spuffy this round thanks to a great lack of time, but I did manage to get something written as a contribution. I skipped on the Fairy Tale theme, though.

Title: In Company of Linoleum
Summary: Just a pointless one-shot s4 fic of a still-held-captive-by-the-Scoobies!Spike.
A/N: It’s in annoying first-person POV. D’oh.
A/N the 2nd: Thank you to Deathisyourart for the look-over! *wraps a chain around you and keeps you 4evah connected to the ‘Verse*

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Poetry In Motion

This is my first post of the day! *checks clock* Early day, that is. I won’t be around in the afternoon/evening, so my posts are going to get clumped together sometime before noon. Alright, I’m starting off with some fic.

Title: Poetry In Motion.
Summary: Just a few snippets of Spike and Buffy through the years, from beginning to end. It’s probably hard to follow at first, but each section is a different time frame. They sort of connect with each other. Or at least I’m hoping they do.
Rating: PG-13.
A/N: I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Diya for looking this over and offering up her suggestions and corrections. *hugs*

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