Not Quite the Fireworks I Was Expecting

Medium: Fic
Title: Not Quite the Fireworks I Was Expecting
Timeline: Post-Chosen, loosely AtS Season 5
Rating: PG-13 for Spike-style swearing
Summary: That bad jazz is awfully familiar, and who could forget that ear-searing red silk suit? Of course, the consummate consumer of melodrama has just popped by Spike’s dingy room for a friendly chat….
A/N: I am so excited to be writing for Seasonal Spuffy, my first home in the Buffy fandom and always always an exciting challenge for me! I tried to stick with the theme this time through, just for a challenge. Thanks, mods, for sneaking me on to the calendar at the last minute and running such a tight ship!

Also, this is my first-ever adventure off of lj and onto Dreamwidth… If you catch me doing something idiotic, boy I’d appreciate the high sign!

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Walk Like an Egyptian

Hello, all! enigmaticblues  is a rockstar: this we all know. See e.g. this, the best community ever. Even better, even though I blonded out and forgot to sign up this year, she graciously offered to let me share her day. So of course I manage to botch it by setting up my browser-blocking software wrong (it’s finals time in Kaytville), preventing myself from reaching the internets until 2:30 a.m. rather than p.m. :( So here is my story for this season, late, and with apologies.

Title: Walk Like an Egyptian (1/1)
Timeline: Post-Chosen, sort of Season 8 compliant – set several years post-S8
Rating: PG, for a bit of language.
Summary: Three glowing maybe-gods are not so much a one-woman fight. Happily, Buffy has some unexpected backup in vampire form. So what if she hasn’t seen the vampire in question for three years?
Author’s note: This definitely owes a little to frenchani  for inspiration…

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The Five Demons that You Meet in Heaven (1/2)

Title: The Five Demons that You Meet in Heaven (1/2)
Rating: Pg-13, verging on R
Timeline: Right after Chosen
Chapter Summary: It’s a bad day for the administrators of the afterlife. Where do you put a dead justice demon-turned-human-turned-demon-turned-human-turned-martyr? Or, for that matter, the first vampire-plus-soul to bite the dust?

ETA: Chapter 2: Almost done. Natch. Look for it and an Easter egg in the form of “Five Kisses” on the ol’ el to the jay tomorrow, on my unlocked journal.

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Big Girls

The Spuffy gods were trying to keep me away, right down to a smashed computer last night that ate most of my work for this round, but I have overcome! (Yay for saved drafts!) I present to you the first of two pieces for today!

But first,
OK, I have a list of thank-yous as long as my arm. First, standing ovation to enigmaticblues for putting up with my endless list of date conflicts, and shapinglight, who may or may not have know she was sharing a day with yours truly. And don’t blame them for any mistakes that might turn up in this one, but gillo and just_sue get about a zillion karmic points for putting up with a long string of frantic, half-coherent e-mails from me over the past 24 hours or so. You’ll see their good work in the next bit.

And now, without further adieu
Title: Big Girls
Timeline: Season 8, back at the ranch, er, castle, while Faith’s off chasing socialites
Rating: PG. That Spike’s got a foul mouth.

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Never Mind the Bollocks

seasonal_spuffy is super-special to me. I wrote my very first BtVS fic for the last round, and the warm welcome I got here helped turn me into a full-fledged Buffy writer.

I’ll have a few one-shots peppered throughout the day. Here’s the first:

Title: Never Mind the Bollocks
Timeline: Right after “Get it Done”
Summary: She smiled, then, a kind of soft half-grin. Almost worth it, that smile. A good trade for his balls. Almost.

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More Conversations with Dead People

Here in the Mountain time zone, it’s still a decent hour, but I’m sure some of you are wondering who the slacker with April 16 was. It’s been a doozy of a day – my best friend broke up with his boyfriend of three years today – so I could sure use some feedback as a pick-me-up. :) Also, this means that chapters 2-5 of this fic didn’t quite get done, though they are all undergoing the editing process. You’ll see them on free-for-all day. I hope you enjoy my offering; I’m so awed to get to post next to the shining lights of awesomeness that are in this community. Oh, and Happy Easter!

Format: Fic
Title: More Conversations with Dead People
Author: confusedkayt
Rating: R
Summary: Immediately post-Chosen. No matter how hard you fight, you can’t destroy the source of all evil.

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