Hello, all! Aah I’m so happy to be able to do Seasonal Spuffy again and much thanks to the mods for keeping this going every round!

I’d originally meant this to be a day for requests that I’d try to fill for the free-for-all day, but I had some time and I made a few banners and icons (and gifs and picspams, but I’m not going to put them all into one post) for the time being. I’d still love to fill any requests you have for me! :)

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Graphic: A Celebration of Spuffy! (G)

I wanted to have fic, but writer’s block hits at the most inopportune of times…

So instead, I’ve spent the week putting together a collection of everything Spuffy, from their first scene together to their most recent moments. (Naturally, there are some minor spoilers for Season Eight. But they’re hardly applicable at all, and at least two of them are Photoshop manips, anyway, so it’s still a safe territory.) There’s nothing but love under this cut. :)

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Fic: The Dawn Before (1/1)

Title: The Dawn Before
Author: coalitiongirl
Rating: R
Warning(s): Buffy and Spike both have significant others when this fic begins. Not much mention of them beyond… well, mention of them.
Timeline: Begins at the very end of 5×04 Out of My Mind.
Summary: Spike kisses Buffy at the end of Out of My Mind and wakes up panting and in horror at the revelation that follows… but not in this reality, when it wasn’t a dream at all. This is season five as it could have been, as Buffy struggles with her attraction to Spike and the feelings that inevitably follow.
Notes: Thanks to moll-e-mollz and somethingtosingabout for their advice and assistance on this one.
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