Fic: Remembrance Day

My posting day was Remembrance Day, and I made it with 15 minutes to spare (in my timezone!)

Remembrance Day

By  spicklething

Setting: Future Fic set in 2013

Notes: I neither follow nor give a toss about the comics, so they didn’t happen. And Spike was never a Pratt. He has a different surname in my ‘verse. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Summary: O valiant hearts who to your glory came
Through dust of conflict and through battle flame.

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Fic: Five Shanshus Part One – Suburbia

Just starting to post my fics for my posting day. Will get some done now, and some others when I get home from work this evening.

I couldn’t get the funny to flow, so I apologize for not sticking with the theme.

Four Shanshus That Never Happened (and One That Might Have)

Four Shanshus That Never Happened and One That Might Have

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Fic: Marked

By spicklething
Rating: PG13

The first part is a little bit of a cheat. Part of it did see the light of day (though I think all of three people saw it) the first time two years ago during a Spuffy kinkathon, but it was never finished. I originally wrote this for liliaeth  who wanted Spike and Dawn get kidnapped, Buffy to the rescue, and Xander as a good guy. Hopefully this fits the bill. I finally finished it, so many apologies for the delay. And many apologies for the disappearing LJ-cut.

Many thanks to cindergal  for the rapid-fire beta! She rocks my little world as always. Thanks also to Ocean’s Twelve for the shamelessly poached dialogue that starts this story. They seemed far too Spike and Buffy not to borrow!

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Fic: Thumbing Your Way To Vegas

Thumbing Your Way to Vegas
By spicklething
Rating: PG, no big whoop
A/N1: In trying to keep with the spirit of the Fairy Tale Challenge, no dragons, fairies or ewoks were hurt in the making of this story. Bent the rules a little bit and broadened the definition of Fairy Tale. Any resemblance to a work by George Lucas or a Galaxy Far, Far Away is purely intentional.

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Fic: Boxing Day

Boxing Day
By spicklething
Rating: tame
Disclaimer: Not mine. Playing in someone else’s sandbox. Will put the toys back when I’m finished
Author’s note 1: Boxing Day, I know, not celebrated in Italy, but this fic takes place on 26 December 2005. Work with me. I stink at titles.
Author’s note 2: this one is for cindergal  who has been on my case for something Christmasy. It may have taken a year to finally write this, but this one is for you, dear!  Continue Reading