FIC: What semi-retired champions do on their nights off (1/1), by bobthemole [PG]

Title: What semi-retired champions do on their nights off
Author:  bobthemole
Era: post-S8
Rating: PG
Genre: Crossover with Dancing with the Stars

A/N: Follows angearia ’s utterly hilarious His Majesty, the Bug Queen – which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet. The relevant bit is that Spike is living with Dawn, Xander and Buffy because he got kicked out of the Bug Ship and is too comfortable to find a place of his own. The mooch.

Beta/Hand-holding: Humongous thank yous to angearia , snickfic and ladyofthelog for cheering me through the writing process, coaching me through my blocks, and offering advice throughout. Emmie, especially, gave me a crash course in writing action sequences and laughed at me while I watched Dancing with the Stars for “research”. She is also half-responsible for this cracktastic verse and some of the funnier lines here.

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