You can have all that’s left off me 1/? by AlexPallex

It’s around lunchtime here in Sweden and my posting day! I’m really nervous because this is huge for me. It was Seasonal Spuffy that introduced me to fan fiction and to LJ. So, it’s a really big day. First I will post a fic that only has one chapter so far but it will come more.

Titel: You can have all that’s left off me (I’m open for suggestions for a better title)
Author: alexpallex
Pairing: Buffy/Spike (duh)
Rating: For this chapter I would say PG.

Summary: It’s set in an alternate dimension where Buffy staked Angel sometime right after Surprise. He had then already killed Jenny. Giles is devastated and walks around like a zombie. Buffy feels guilty that she couldn’t save Jenny and heartbroken because she had to kill her lover, even if he had lost his soul. Drusilla became even more insane after the loss of her “daddy” walked out in the sunlight during a delusion. Spike didn’t discover it until it was too late and couldn’t save her from becoming dust. He became really depressed and one night he takes his wheelchair out for a spin to find something that can ease his misery.
Author’s note: This is beta’d by the most awesome girl ever, angelic_amy!
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