Spuffy Icons

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Good evening, Spuffy fans! As always I’m squeaking in just under the wire…but before I go any further, a huge thank you to enigmaticblues for organizing this whole shindig. It’s a great way for us all to honour our favourite couple and it wouldn’t be possible without her dedication :)

So without further ado… the icons (a smaller batch then I had hoped for but I hope you enjoy nonetheless). First a preview:

85111_original 85971_original 88086_original

01.84440_original 02.84688_original 03.84882_original

04.85111_original 05.85287_original 06.85538_original

07.85971_original 08.86765_original 09.86810_original

10.87152_original 11.87497_original 12.87717_original

13.87882_original 14.88086_original 15.88412_original

16.88729_original 17.88926_original 18.89208_original


1. Please let me know what you take – and any other comments and/or suggestions are always welcome!
2. Please credit “blond_bear” in your user pic keywords.
3. Please don’t hotlink… and I thank you.
4. For info about the brushes, textures and screencap usage, please check out my user profile.
5. And most importantly, cuddle and love the Spuffy goodness!

That’s it for me… hope you all enjoyed my contribution!


Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/329041.html