Spuffy Icons (2/2)

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Again, a giant thank you to enigmaticblues for organizing this fantastic event… loves it and can’t wait to see what else people have come up with!

And now my second (and last) icon post of the day, in just under the wire:

A preview:
68398_original  71296_original  70279_original

Now as mentioned in my last post, I tried to make at least one icon from every Spuffy-centric episode. So here are the rest of the episodes:

Fool for Love: 1.69941_original 2.70279_original

Intervention: 3.71296_original

The Gift: 4.71831_original

After Life: 5.72114_original

Flooded: 6.70606_original

Dead Things: 7.68829_original 8.69108_original 9.69143_original 10.68398_original 11.69560_original

Beneath You: 12.68107_original

Showtime: 13. (image missing)

Storyteller: 14.70959_original

End of Days: 15. (image missing)

Chosen: 16.69642_original

1. Please let me know what you take – and any other comments and/or suggestions are always welcome!
2. Please credit “blond_bear” in your user pic keywords.
3. Please don’t hotlink… and I thank you.
4. All images used in the making of the icons are from Screencap Paradise. For info about the brushes and textures, please check out my user profile.
5. And most importantly, cuddle and love the Spuffy goodness!

That’s it for me… hope you all enjoyed my contribution!

Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/288624.html