Spuffy Christmas in bed diorama

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Title: Spuffy Christmas in bed diorama
Creator: Double Dutchess
Form: other art
Era: comics, S10/S11
Rating: safe for work

For the previous solstice free-for-all I made a diorama of Buffy and Spike’s bedroom in the comics. Then it was Summer, now it is winter — so I decided to make a Christmas version. Here it is, with a Merry Christmas to all!

Right click images to view in full size.

Note: I know most people put their Christmas tree in the living room, not the bedroom, but my explanation for this is that Buffy and Spike saved a Christmas tree seller from vampires and to thank them, he gave them a Christmas tree for every room in the Scoobies’ apartment.

And finally, a very short tour:

Making of: because it’s winter, I thought Buffy and Spike needed warmer bedwear, so I put them in pajamas. The pajamas are fully detachable, like the clothes of a paper dress-up doll. Because I don’t have access to a colour printer at home, I made the pajamas as well as the present of coloured paper, which I cut out and glued together in layers. It was a pretty fiddly task, but a nice way to spend the solstice.

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