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Chapter 2


“Buggering poof! Bad enough the great souled wonder gets the ring I found, but then he has to smash it and make it so no one gets the goodies. If that idiot Slayer had only kept it, I could have just stolen it back from her.” Spike was pacing as he lamented his ill fortune.

“Boo-boo, don’t be upset. At least Buffy didn’t dust you and you got to torture Angel, so be happy! I even forgave you for staking me, so it’s all just water over the bridge or something.” Harmony was getting tired of her lover’s obsession with all things not Harmony.

“That’s ‘under’, pet.” Spike frowned in irritation at another example of Harmony’s lack of mental skills. “Yeah, well, I’m thinkin’ ‘bout movin’ out, findin’ a place of my own. You and me, Harm? Just not workin’ out. You’re a right fine-lookin’ lady, but that’s all there is, you know. Need some time alone to figure what I want to do now. All my plans were gonna need that gem. Gotta think things out and I can’t do that with you yammering day and night. Why don’t you just take some of those pretties we found and go on to Paris since you’re so hot to do that, yeah?”

“Really, Spikey?! You’d let me take some of the jewels? I could shop the designers right off the runway. Do you think Chanel is too old a look for me?” Harmony was already envisioning her new wardrobe.

“Huh?” Spike had not been paying the slightest attention to his nearly ex-girlfriend. “Yeah, you do that, luv. You and Paris’ll be a match made in hell. Go scourge Europe your own way, Harm.”

“Maybe Bernie or Brian or whatever his name is will want to go too, do you think? You didn’t dust him when you found the Gem did you? He always kinda liked me, I think.” Harmony was already planning the trip in her mind.

“Yeah, you do that. Bye-bye. Have a good time. Don’t bother to write.” Spike had to admit a feeling of relief to be seeing an end to this short affair. He would never have picked up the ditzy new vampire if he hadn’t wanted to prove Dru wrong. He did NOT have a thing for the Slayer. Okay, he did want to kill her, bite her, drain her maybe… but he was not lusting after the killer blonde with the bad puns.

“Do you want me to dress up like Buffy so you can fuck me silly one last time for old times’ sake?” Harmony offered.


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