“Something Blue” in fourteen Moods

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Title: Something Blue mood theme 1.0
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Notes: To get the ball rolling, I can share the Dreamwidth mood theme I’m suddenly working on. It’s at the stage where it’s only just functional. I hope to add, like, expansion packs later and maybe upgrade the whole thing to GIFs.

So, if someone wanted to set up the “Mood” option on their Dreamwidth journal/reading page so that it will add a (more or less) matching little “Something Blue” screencap to the post, I believe they could go here, enter a mood theme name such as Something Blue, and enter the below URLs (all sizes are 160 width, 90 height). And then save and use.

12/21/2019: the new and fuller version of the theme is in its own post. Links updated because I re-uploaded everything with better coloring.
angry: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/88307.png
awake: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/84829.png
confused: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/87807.png
determined: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/87839.png
devious: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/85019.png
energetic: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/85404.png
enthralled: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/85607.png
happy: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/86276.png
indescribable: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/86001.png
nerdy: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/82866.png
okay: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/87004.png
sad: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/87348.png
scared: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/86545.png
thoughtful: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/87281.png
working: https://thenewbuzwuzz.dreamwidth.org/file/85404.png

These are the images that this mood theme shows when I select a related mood on a post (caps by me using the episode video from hdbuffy.tumblr.com).

okay: scared: scared

sad: sad thoughtful: thoughtful

angry: angry awake: awake

confused: confused enthralled: enthralled

working/energetic: working/energetic happy: happy

indescribable: indescribable nerdy: nerdy

determined: determined devious: devious

Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.dreamwidth.org/908748.html