When the Ice Has Melted

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Okay, if I lived on an island in the middle of the Atlantic (or maybe just off-shore), it would already be tomorrow, so I’m going to jump the gun just a tiny bit and start posting my fic before I go to sleep. This way, I’ll be able to do more posting before I leave for work in the morning, and finish it up when I get home in the afternoon. That’s the plan, anyway.

So, here is my offering for this round. It’s pretty ordinary and kinda retro for me. I’ve been mostly playing in various possible futures lately, but this is a Season Five AU fic that follows a non-canon pwp ficlet about an encounter between Spike and Buffy. Thanks are owed to eowyn_315 who read the beginning of it a long time ago when it was just a bunny and smacked me around until I cleaned up the most egregious of the canon issues (Not all of them, I’m sure. Don’t blame her – she tried!) And more thanks to my two wonderful betas, alwaysjbj and just_sue who had to read the whole thing and catch my other errors and inevitable typos. Any further mistakes are probably due to my incessant fiddling, so give me a holler if you see anything amiss. Please. :)

Title: When the Ice Has Melted
Author: Slaymesoftly
Word count: 24,000 + or – (Nine Chapters)
Disclaimer: Joss’s characters, my twist on his Season V
Summary: a sequel to my little pwp – How Can Something So Cold Make Me So Hot? in which Buffy found to her surprise that Spike knew just how to cool down her sunburn. All you really need to know about that ficlet is that Ms De Nile and Mr Big Bad found themselves willing to use any excuse to give in to urges neither one really knew they had. I don’t think it’s necessary to read that first, but it’s short and smutty so if that’s your thing…  Continue Reading

Chapter Seven of WTIHM

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Gah! I did it again! I shouldn’t try this while in a hurry. Trying this chapter again…

Now that I’ve straightened out where Ch. six went… Moving right along. I hope to get them all up now, but I have to leave in 1/2 and hour, so it may or may not happen. If not, I’ll be back in a few hours and finish it off then. Moving along, Buffy and Spike head for a Scooby meeting.  Continue Reading

Final Chapter of WTIHM

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series When the Ice Has Melted

And here it is – the final chapter. My apologies to readers of the prequel who may have been expecting a lot of sex at some point. That wasn’t what this fic was about. It’s possible I’ll revisit this AU Season V and get Spike and Buffy back into bed, but it’s not a priority for any of us right now. :)  Continue Reading